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A Teary Eyed Widow- A Sequel To My Poem Within The Cage - Poem by Valsa George

I see the Earth and its happy brood
And everything around in a sunny mood
But in my cage sits a single bird
So lonely without a companion of her own breed

Though the sky and its expanse to her, long denied
In her narrow cage, she was never annoyed
She had a partner to share her joy and woe
With him, all else she was ready to fore go

There they made a haven unknown to pain
Shut the door to wind and rain
Sat together rubbing shoulders and preening feathers
Never did they mind their freedom bound by tethers

Now she feels she has lost her way
With her mate absent to cheer her day
With the break of dawn, once as she rose from sleep
Lay her ‘man’ motionless- a feathered heap

With her beak, she pecked and prodded him
Went on nudging and poking, sitting on the cage’s rim
But Alas! He didn’t stir or move
She tried in vain but finally got the painful clue

Sitting close to him, making a strange sound
She made it known that her man would no more be around
Never expected her life would suddenly take a turn this way
And never ever thought her companion would thus slip away

When his body from the cage was removed
She beat her wings as if in sorrow drowned
Thereafter she didn’t peck at the grains served
And for days opted out to remain starved

I thought her sorrow would soon end
And his separation wouldn’t leave a deep dent
But each day, gloom overcasts the teary eyed widow
And she sits blubbering looking through her window

Her lonesome state leaves me so agitated
I don’t want to see her any more isolated
I shall let her fly into the freedom of the sky
With new companions, let her soar high!

Topic(s) of this poem: sorrow

Comments about A Teary Eyed Widow- A Sequel To My Poem Within The Cage by Valsa George

  • Akhtar Jawad (2/9/2017 2:34:00 AM)

    A touching and thoughtful poem.............................................. (Report) Reply

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  • Rajnish Manga (4/3/2015 2:08:00 AM)

    This is like an emotional tale having potential to blossom into a saga of epic proportions. The sorrow of the lady bird (?) has been felt and treated with ultimate human touch. Her personal pain and tragedy assume the form of a universal mourning. Let us hope that her freedom from the cage bring solace to her tormented soul. Thanks. (Report) Reply

  • Stephen Katona (3/22/2015 11:04:00 PM)

    I love this poem about marital bliss, bereavement and loneliness. I love the way the poem had me thinking of all the lonely people there are in the world. It's so clever to humanise these birds, making us appreciate that our feathered friends have emotions whilst covering the widespread problem of loneliness. Wonderful - now a favourite of mine. (Report) Reply

  • (3/18/2015 11:27:00 AM)

    She had a partner to share her joy and woe
    With him, all else she was ready to fore go
    a joy of oneness blessed with love to Him

    a sparrow in a sorrow mood
    When his body from the cage was removed
    She beat her wings as if in sorrow drowned

    I love to be with this poetess for a prayer to enyoy...
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  • Kavya . (3/18/2015 4:46:00 AM)

    so very nicely expressed the agony of a bird who is missing her mate who is no more.....the concluding lines are very touchy (Report) Reply

  • (3/14/2015 11:43:00 AM)

    Very poignant one indeed and so touchingly painted with wonderful words makes the poem unique in every way
    .......Valsa......great write with great thought.......10/10
    (Report) Reply

  • (3/14/2015 9:57:00 AM)

    The separation of the dear one and that too the death and the feeling of the caged bird, the poem gives the experience of death. Though it is a bird story the real thing that happens in life due to death when one of the family member goes ever from this world. I really enjoyed the poem in every line. (Report) Reply

  • (3/14/2015 9:54:00 AM)

    That Death has snatched away her life -partner is so touchingly told that the heart wrenches.Kudos for the lovely poem, Valsa! (Report) Reply

  • Akhtar Jawad (3/11/2015 2:36:00 AM)

    An impressive and heart touching sad poem........................ (Report) Reply

  • Amitava Sur (3/10/2015 7:36:00 PM)

    A heart wrenching poem expressing the loneliness being felt after losing the life partner. The uselessness of everything on earth is felt with a gloom at the loss of love which is not repairable by any means....10 (Report) Reply

  • Madathil Rajendran Nair (3/10/2015 7:23:00 AM)

    The pain of a widowed bird so poignantly captured. We pinion them mercilessly and does not understand the pain they undergo. Hope she hasn't forgotten her song. This poem is a sweet song that tells of a very sad tale. Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought - didn't the poet say so? And what a coincidence - it was only yesterday I commented on Maya Angelou's The Caged Bird Sings and drew a comparison there to our Malayalam's Balamani Amma's Koottilitta Kili (The Caged Bird) , which clamours for freedom to soar into the open skies and be with its companions.....10 (Report) Reply

  • Tirupathi Chandrupatla (3/9/2015 9:03:00 PM)

    Reality of life is shown though loving pair of birds and loss of companion. That loss is an unbearable blow to the one who is left to live. A poem full of deep feelings written using lines filled with power of love. (Report) Reply

  • Savita Tyagi (3/9/2015 8:54:00 PM)

    This is so beautiful. Death of a long time partner and grieving widow's pain confronting the loneliness is a frightening scenario. At a time like this only a compassionate hand can bring some solace. loved it all. Written with so much love and tenderness. (Report) Reply

  • Rajesh Thankappan (3/9/2015 11:51:00 AM)

    The bird after losing her feathery companion is pining away and so she should be allowed to find her space and place under the sky. Your ending stanza comes with a solution, which is very apt to the situation. A brilliant poem which straightaway touches the heart. (Report) Reply

  • (3/8/2015 10:04:00 PM)

    A sad and beautiful read, birds of a feather flock together, but what happens when one is forced to go at it alone? I love the ending because it is hopeful. A great story of a poem, well done. (Report) Reply

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