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A Tender Moment At The Supermarket

Sitting there watching them
they had no idea
they were such an inspiration
so comfortable with eachother.

He, at least 85
she, about the same.
From my car I could see
the way he worried about her
as he pulled his car up to the door
so she wouldn't get wet.
He tenderly watched
while she tucked her hair
under her clear rain bonnet.

The rain was barely a trickle
but it was a cold rain
and he wouldn't have her
catching a chill.
She waited
just inside the door
while he parked the car
a sky blue 1976 Bonneville.
They probably bought it
brand new.

His steps were slow
and purposeful.
I could tell he hurt
but was trying to still
be the ''protector''
of his beautiful bride.

They walked into the store
arm in arm
while I sat for a few more minutes
alone in my car
listening to the whish-whish
of my wipers.

Scarlett Treat 01 February 2006

I should live so long, to have such a Knight in Shining Armor. She was lucky to have such a Protector, and a writer such as Mary Nagy to describe their love so well.

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Shannon Chapel 29 January 2006

This is fabulous, Mary. I could see them through your words. Lovely and tender. Shannon

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Wanda Swim Strunk 27 January 2006

It's gift to pick up the subtle side of human emotion and behavior. This poem does both well and conveys it well to me. Mary, this is truly wonderful.

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Duncan Wyllie 24 January 2006

Mary, I know that it may seem a bit strange but I had to come back to this poem. It was just so good and it carries something more in it then I can discribe with may limited use of language.It really is Amazing! Caring! , timely! , Atmospheric! so many things that are real food for inspiration. You haven't done it again Mary because to my mind this is the greatest of your acheivements so far. Thankyou......... Love Duncan

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Viren Dangwal 23 January 2006

Yes, you have it in you, mary

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Alison Cassidy 22 November 2008

You see the world through a poet's eyes Mary and express with great eloquence and simplicity that comfortable love which lasts till death us do part. Beautiful penning. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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James B. Earley 26 June 2008

Ah the power of observations! A passionate composition.

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Lily Espinosa 02 November 2007

This is an absoultely wonderful poem. Beautifully sad.

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Sid John Gardner. 12 May 2007

Mary your observation on this occasion was excellent.A good composition that took us through a snapshot of everyday life.Very well done. All the best Sid John.

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Willow Moon Pearce 03 March 2006

Very tender and moving Mary, thanks...............willow

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