A Walk In The Park Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Walk In The Park

Rating: 4.8

A walk in the park is a pleasure to do,
When a visit to one is long overdue,
To take the dogs too, is really great,
For the exercise is just first rate.

The peacefulness can be very strange,
For quietness is such a change
From all the traffic rushing by,
The decibels get really high.

We have to live with constant noise,
That often takes away the joys
And contentment, that a walk can give us.
We've got to count is as a real plus.

There's a lake where you can hire a boat,
And two or more can go afloat,
And meander, with the water calm,
With oars a dipping, what sheer balm.

At the end of the lake, the ducks you'll meet,
And geese and swans, with their webbed feet,
All gather hoping to be fed,
With slivers of cake and slices of bread.

There are tennis courts and a golf course too,
You can do most anything you want to do,
For children, roundabouts and swings,
Seesaws, slides, gosh, there's lots of things.

A small cafe where you can sit,
And enjoy a coffee and rest for a bit,
And watch the birds that gather round,
Robins and bluetits, ready to scrounge.

For any titbits that you might drop,
They're very brave, and will sit atop,
The railings right next to your chair,
As long as with them, your fare you share.

The flowers are a joy to view,
The colours bright with the morning dew,
Red, yellow, purple, pink and peach,
Lifting their heads the sun to reach.

A walk in the park takes away the strain,
Of working, which we have to go back to again,
But as long as we take just a little time out
To relax, that to me is what life's all about.

© Ernestine Northover

Patricia Grantham 20 March 2015

A beautiful write on walking. There are lots joy and peace of mind in this leisurely stroll. Nature shines at its best and surroundings leap out before us. Nice.

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Paul Holmes 29 December 2011

Relaxing to read. As if we're with you there.

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Duncan Wyllie 28 January 2006

Dear Ernestine This sounds like, 'Sound advice'. At about 7: 30am in the morning I look up to the sky at place of work to see a cloud of crows fly overhead.They do this seemingly every day. It's a golden moment that you've reminded me of. Thankyou...Love Duncan

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Mary Nagy 07 September 2005

Me too Ernestine! When we get 'free time' we (my husband, I and the kids) like to go out in the woods just looking around for turkey feathers, acorns, cool rocks, just 'stuff' to remind us of our day. I would build a house in the middle of the woods and live there with nobody but my family if I could. I enjoy your poems that describe where you live. Very interesting. sincerely, Mary

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