A Water Melon's Truth Poem by yoonoos peerbocus

A Water Melon's Truth

Rating: 4.5

Roving back through wild centuries
At rust and ripeness time
To land blood wet, martyrs fed,
A water melon still conceives
What alone bears peace-a sweetheart,
Summer's blood, timber scent-

Each slice for life time sweet,
Munch you as you would grapes or kisses.
Her only hope, wish for nothing on earth
Save eternal be her internal love's season,
ever juicing the embittered world.

Manonton Dalan 07 June 2012

water melon has one thing to offer its sweetness,

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Payal Lalwani 07 June 2013

A biography no less with brevity of words.Enjoyed reading.Thanks for sharing.

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Captain Cur 07 June 2012

Everything good and bad bears seeds. Enlightening poem.

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 07 June 2012

We must find inner peace from inner sweetness. That's the trick, the fixed solace factor, even when life's variables drab undyingly. That's the trick. Great majestic poem

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Descriptive and meaningful! Good poem indeed, ; D

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Captain Cur 21 February 2020

A great write, flowing smooth and fruitful. A red seedless slice of delight.

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Luz Hanaii 05 February 2020

Love the flow and rhyming, well penned

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Kesav Easwaran 15 January 2020

Beautiful write. Sweet and juicy 10+

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Tinashe Mupedzapasi 04 October 2019

Roving back through wild centuries...Beautiful

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A B Faniki 22 September 2019

An intresting and intriguing piece. Thanks for sharing such a simple and elegant work

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