A Window Of Time 3 Poem by Dave Alan Walker

A Window Of Time 3

Rating: 4.7

I'm looking
out of the window
as I hear someone calling me
A young girl comes to the window
and says I'm your daughter Lily
from the year 2033

Your trapped in a coma
that's why you see
images through a window
that looks as real as me

Your in a coma like dream
Inventing the world you see
just waiting to wake up in the year 2033

Did you really think
You was writing poetry
Did you think
it came from your mind

I'm by your side
at your hospital bed
waiting for a sign

Unwritten Soul 02 January 2012

Haaaa...this is the good continuity :) wow you really have travel time machine...please let me borrow for one day my brother, i want to see how long i can live hahahaha...: P one more time you did amazed me..so cool :) _Unwritten Soul

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Silentpoet Grl 03 January 2012

fascinating write! I really love the continuing write - and honestly all 3 are quite stunning - Probably some of my favorites from you! Great job!

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Virginia Pecho Gely 08 January 2012

A great write! The mind can see even in a comatous condition. Writing this, was in a totally comatic union with your pen....Keep-on dreaming for our pleasure reading your works of art.

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Deep Mukherjee 09 January 2012

I am really influenced and honored by your poetry sir.........

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Indira Babbellapati 10 January 2012

mind, the trickster...

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Geetha Jayakumar 12 September 2013

Wow. Wonderful poem. You are in coma like dream....Waiting for a sign..Brilliant write. No words can describe...

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Noreen Carden 04 September 2013

I am envious of your talent a brilliant write I will be going back to read all three again

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Heather Wilkins 01 September 2013

your in a coma like dream inventing the world you see. a good write

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Smoky Hoss 17 March 2012

Another good one Dave; an amazing and wonderful story you have spun for us...thanks!

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Danny Draper 29 February 2012

Dave, here at number 3, I wasn't expecting the ending although it does make sense as per the cycle of life and alternation of generation. As a series of poems it also reminds me a bit of the great British TV show Life on Mars, which is a good thing. Thanks for the journey.

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