African Missionary Poem by Alf Hutchison

African Missionary

Rating: 5.0

I am a wanderer in this nomadic land,
To whom can I lend a helping hand,
To make dark lives a little lighter,
Be a bastion of peace; not a fighter.

This Darkest African, void of light.
Transient Nomads constantly fight.
Forsaken by God it appears to be;
Africa is not the land of the free.

Never shall I pass this way again,
Witness sadness, poverty and pain,
Man’s blatant inhumanity to man,
Let me be of help now... whilst I can.

Luwi Habte 04 July 2009

A real African...i can see your attention At all your poems are wonderfull great too well done my friend Luwi

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Jayram Daya 04 July 2009

Africa is a blessed land. We are the chosen ones to admire it. Penned it well

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 04 July 2009

can see misssonary zeal to help downtrodden in this poem.........a good write.....

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Louis Rams 04 July 2009

you give meaning to peace and the search for freedom both inside and outside. excellent write a ten

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Sathyanarayana M V S 04 July 2009

Sir Alf, We all share your agony and concern for the blacks. I too wonder why God had created humans in so many colors. But in Hindu mythology some Gods, like Vishnu were described to be black..........Is there another God above God? Or is it by virtue of some Natural law we haven't explored so far? ! ! ! I wonder! !

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Elbert Matt Loubser 29 August 2009

very beautiful. I adored this poem. one thing we do not see is the freedom within the hearts of the african people, this I think is much more significant than any physical entrapment

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Obed Souza 23 July 2009

Wonderful Poem! 10!

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Meggie Gultiano 20 July 2009

Never shall I pass this way again, Witness sadness, poverty and pain, Man’s blatant inhumanity to man, Let me be of help now... whilst I can. You have perfectly crafted this piece.And this is wonderful.

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Ravi A 14 July 2009

You have expressed your true feelings. Good. I am immediately reminded of the lives of David Livingstone and Albert Swaitzer. They came to the dark continent with a mission and walked into the pages of history. Actually, everybody is good at heart and everybody can really contribute to the welfare of people. I have read about your country from the travelogues of our Malayalam writer S K Pottekkat. In one of his books he describes about the Dimka savages. I can never forget these descriptions. The underdeveloped state could be due to the geographical placement of the country. Africa is a natural tropical country fit for the life of animals. Africa is a natural zoo! Africa has vast stretches of forests and rivers. If people led a life as our primitive cave men in these vast lands, there is no wonder about it. Actually, they are leading a quiet, natural life embracing and fighting with Nature in their own way but from the point of view of modern man, they are savages. It may be that we are getting into their territory and forcing them to be modern and materialistic our way! This is also possible.

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a truly inspiring write Alf. We hear in Australia of problems in Africa and maybe we don't know the truth, but all I know the willingness to help your country is admirable. A thoughtful and passionate poem. 10 Karin Anderson

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