Access Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq


Rating: 3.7

In a crowded lunch, a wireless chat took place
From soil to sky with a cozy crystal-soul.

A long emotional table
Suddenly became small and small
And all other persons evaporated slowly
We alone looking each other
Butterfly was the witness of that epic!

Is it mere a tale or a composition of dream?
Untold access to an undiscovered world?

Poem 01
Book 'Beckoning Jade-Dreams' April 2007
Copyright Musharrat Mahjabeen
Mizan Publishers, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ISBN 984-8700-82-X

Albert Wong 21 October 2008

What a special style you have created, Ashraful Musaddeq, appreciate very much for your success offer you with marks ~10~ I would read more about your poems.

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Aijaz Asif 24 October 2008

it is mere tale and composition of dream, a tale of love beautifully described in these few is true when one you love is infront of you enery other thing vanishes...a great write with lot of feelings in it Asharf bhai...10++++

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Ramin Chaman 25 October 2008

But I think life is like the war.we must be a warrior.

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Tj Becker 26 October 2008

Your works have me in awe as your imagination doesn't travel the same path as others. You venture into new ideas and take us mentally to places no one else has. I'm so glad that I found your poems, through your works my mind will be expanded.

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Vidi Writes 06 January 2009

Humans with so many activities Eat, drink, sleep work, think sink, jump shout, cry Kill, give birth so and so and so.... Among all... If one can have the ACESS The one described in this wonderful poem... We will start wondering about all those activities. Sense of this Wonder Will make Wonder on us. Thank you.

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Ejaz Khan 05 July 2009

Not even time can determine which of the possibilities are more probable. A fantastic write!

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Marieta Maglas 20 June 2009

''We alone looking each other Butterfly was the witness of that epic! '' I love this lyric romantic poem and the finer feelings suggested....10++++

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' took place From soil to sky with a cozy crystal-soul' 3 Ss 'Soil, Sky, Soul'! ! ! a 10+ dr. sakti. Namaskar...India...17.06.09.

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Untold access to an undiscovered world? what an inspiring imagination... nature to nature and what will bethe result...beautiful tale....10

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 15 June 2009

Untold access to an undiscovered world? how nice the line is!

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