Adventures Of Two Captains_ Rescue A Nice Friend Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Adventures Of Two Captains_ Rescue A Nice Friend

Rating: 4.8

A dark spirit of tremendous power
Was lurking at the entrance to the gate,
His breath spewing hot phosphoric shower
Cathartic white dots dripping from his face.

Our craft was swayed with a solar spiked whip
That harnessed eruditions from the sun,
A fatalistic warning to our ship
That Ashland must be hard fought to be won.

Darkness only dwells where there is no light
Hopelessness and despair its sullen lamp,
Infernal emptiness contains no sight
Palls of pain scurrying within its camp.

Captain A standing bravely by my side
We brushed away our fears and swore our goal,
On a battle plan we must now decide
We are here to rescue our good friend Soul.

Written By Captain cur,
in collaboration with

Hi to all dear readers. these poems are called the chain poems, written by me and my dear friend captain cur. you can read the continue of these works at his page.
Captains A &Cur
Kelvin Owusu 15 April 2013

a fantastic tale enjoyed the read

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 13 April 2013

Ah an amiable poem written in a fantastic adventurous way. U two build it up together swell!

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Poetheart Morgan 12 April 2013

It is like a tale, about huge waves, captain, sea and all adventures. I like it. Very good.

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Unwritten Soul 12 April 2013

The first stanza so Captain Cur... the next just so blend...WOW i just know them well? ? hahahaha Loved it especially this line -We are here to rescue our good friend Soul- how do you both know i am screaming for Help Help! hahahaha joking...a sharp and beautiful poem and thanks for rescuing my Soul hahaha (joking) _Soul

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Diane Hine 09 April 2013

Hang on Soul - help is on the way to rescue you from a cathartic poxed, phosphoric breathed, dark spirit. A gripping epic is shaping up - nail-biting tension!

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