An Accident And Paradise Lost... Poem by kafil uddin raihan.

An Accident And Paradise Lost...

Rating: 5.0

She was everything to me,
She managed this house,
She colored my life,
Every thing belongs to me now,
Belonged to her once.

We had happy family,
She and me, two lovebirds,
Flied in the sky of love,
Once we found her existence,
Inside our endless love,
We were three persons,
One soul, one family,
Days were passing out singing,
Winging away in the horizon,
We built a paradise among us.

Two years ago,
A storm has taken away everything,
My life lost his all fancy drives,
A traffic accident has changed us,
Changed our life as it was never there.
My queen and my little princess,
Passed away from me,
Lost behind the portrait in the wall,
Neither I nor any one can change this fate.
My paradise is now a past,
Only Me with these artificial legs,
And blind eyes remaining in the present,
Awaking the nights to feel that love,
Only a crazy road accident,
Turned out my dreams in the day light,
I am now nothing but an empty boat,
Without a sail sailing to uncertainty,
Leaving behind my loves in the shore....

Mubeen Sadhika 11 August 2009

Touching poem. well penned.

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Obinna Eruchie 11 August 2009

A well written touching piece, Kafil.

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Frank Lambert 11 August 2009

Hi Kafil, You've penned a sad verse here, that does a good job of conveying the loss the writer feels. I hope this isn't drawn from your own real life experiences. Cheers, Frank

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Obed Souza 13 August 2009

A moving account. Nice doing!

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 17 August 2009

I can feel your agony too Kafil.Its a definitely a human tragedy.Be strong is what you need.

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Catrina Heart 21 August 2009

such a powerful moving piece...10+++++

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Theresa Moore 19 August 2009

I share your sadness as I read your well-chosen words...skillfully written.

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Bob Gibson 17 August 2009

I to sincerely hope this is a figment of your imagination a lovely but tragic well worded poem my friend

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Wesley Mincin 17 August 2009

As always I see passion and that is what makes a poem and poem.

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Yacov Mitchenko 17 August 2009

The last stanza has power.

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