Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Our Yesterdays - A 70s Courting Saga

Rating: 5.0
When I was young in yesteryear
Involved in pulling birds
We got our kicks from drinking beer
In pints, not halves or thirds
The frothy heads and heavy mugs
My birds were never pretty
But I’d provide the chat and hugs
If they’d go halves the kitty

Platform soles and parallels
Hotpants, Smocks and Boots
Aftershave and joystick smells
Skinheads Trogs and Fruits
Lapels the size of glider wings
Ties like knotted scarves
‘Get it on’ the pop star sings
Drink pints not thirds or halves

Groups of youths propped up the bar
Keen to drink excess
Each an undiscovered star
Attired in fancy dress
The tinny sounds of ‘Glam rock’ bands
Pounding out a beat
Dancing guys with drinks in hands
And handbags at their feet

Wallflowers with sinful clocks
Sitting by themselves
Reserving in their flowered frocks
A place left on their shelves
Chivalry is still alive
Big Freda needn’t fret
Medallion man who wagered five
Is keen to win the bet

Now I have reached my middle age
And times like those have died
My ordered life takes centre stage
My bacon grilled, not fried
Common sense directs my way
The flame of truth is lit
And those around take pride to say
“You boring little git”

Ours were joys of nights in town
And we would live for those
When glue was used to stick things down
Not sticking up your nose
Coke was just a soft drink
You drank, if driving back
And not the sort that makes you think
Of acid, speed and crack

Our jewellery as you may suppose
Was earrings, chains and rings
But earrings weren’t stuck through the nose
Or pinned to other things
We glimpsed Mohican haircuts
On weekend wrestling stars
But not on girls with beer guts
Who hang around in bars

My past is gone I reminisce
We loved that time, but then
A golden age we oldies miss
Will surely come again
Each of us in retrospect
Is bound to have his day
I’ll fossilise with due respect
I think it’s best that way
stephen stirk
Chuck Audette 04 February 2010
Hilarious! But even though your best years are behind you, don't go letting yourself feel youthless! -chuck
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David Harris 23 October 2009
Stephen, the memories and laughs were all remembered as I read this through my days were of flower power a few years before you. Another GEM my friend. Top marks and thanks for sharing it with us. All the best David
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Robert E Hann 10 October 2009
Ah yes my friend, those were the days Those days so long ago. We never thought that they would end, and now we miss them so. It's more than just the things we've done. It was the time when we were young. Looking back it all seems fun. Life was an easy fix. But looking back at it today we have to have a laugh and say, 'I can't believe we dressed that way' as we review the pix! !
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Lynda Robson 09 October 2009
Brilliant Steve, brought back a lot of memories for me too, those were the friend lol 10 Lynda x
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T S 31 August 2009
You really should be on stage 10 Plus Tracy
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Jack Williams 27 August 2009
I usually don't take the time to read long poems on Poem Hunter, but this one had me hooked. Very convincing; this poem made me smile, and, as a young man approaching the age where I have to start acting responsibly, I can identify with this poem, even though I hadn't even been born in the 1970s.
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I Am Charlie 13 August 2009
Sorry stephen stirk, but this is a 10/10. but look on the bright side. its not 11. Too good for that. nostalgia, humour, its all been said.
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Linda Ori 28 July 2009
Absolutely priceless, Steve! Oh, what memories this one brings back. My dad always said if you live long enough, everything comes back around, like his pleated pants! He was right - he never threw anything away, and was always in style. I love the simple, carefree feel of this piece, and what a glorious ride for the imagination. I think back to that time, and I know there's a bit of the 'hippy chic' in me still. A wonderfully fun read - thanks! Linda : -) : -)
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Andrew Blakemore 28 July 2009
This is brilliant Stephen, you are certainly PH's top humourist. Best wishes, Andrew
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Patrick McFarland 27 July 2009
LOL. Hilarious and nostalgic at the same time. Very nice Stephen.
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