Always Poem by Lyn Paul


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There are Always dark days
But, There is Always a way out
There is Always someone
Always willing to help
There is Always a door
Closing on you
But there is Always another
Just waiting to open
Always and Now
Are valuable words
Always you will be loved
And Now you are loved
So Always remember
To Always love
Who you Always are
And who you will Always be
Love is Always
Now you are loved
Sometimes you think not
So Now, Always remember this

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Sunday, October 7, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,life,survival,believe
Hans Vr 07 October 2012

Wow, this is beautiful, I always thought that always never existed :) but you convince me otherwise. Excellent poem.

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Aung Si 08 October 2012

Well penning great and honest. i agree with your fragrant words

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Unwritten Soul 10 October 2012

The poem was filled with the lightest ink to float when we sink, the shine when we in dark...i like the things you channeled here...a soul immersed poem_Soul

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Chandra Thiagarajan 15 February 2013

I will ALWAYS think of this poem of yours which is creditable! !

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Sandra Feldman 14 July 2013

I will Always remember your poem and I will remember to always, love even in the saddest and loneliest moments.Your interweaving and repetition of the word Always is masterfully done, very good handeling of form and language, thank you for this lovely experience

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 26 February 2021

Nice. 'Alone But Not Lonely'

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Riza Braholli 03 July 2018

Yes I will remember always... always yhank you for this poem.. dr. riza

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Kumarmani Mahakul 28 March 2017

Always and Now Are valuable words Always you will be loved And Now you are loved So Always remember To Always love... very nice dictum. It is a marvellous poem on life, hope and love espicially based on two words like always and now. Amusing diction. Many thanks dear Lyn Paul for posting such a gem....10

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Melvina Germain 21 October 2015

This is so true, a guiding light awaits and helps each time we only need to acknowledge it and give thanks.

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Maria Gonzalez 26 July 2015

Beautiful and reasssuring

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