Another Sappy Love Poem Poem by Esther Leclerc

Another Sappy Love Poem

Rating: 4.3

Love amongst the maple trees
buckets in hand
is a very messy business,
but the best in all the land

For where else may one taste syrup
fresh as manna from above
beside the one who stickies your heart
with sweet n' sappy looove......


Patricia Gale 04 March 2006

Delightful use of words! Patricia

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Gina Onyemaechi 04 March 2006

Well here's a poem that's left me a sweet, sticky taste in the mouth! ! (Really, Esther) . Delightful, Esther. Warm regards and a score of 9 from Gina.

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Anna Russell 06 March 2006

Mmm, yummy. Great imagery, very cute and not soppy at all. Well done. Hugs Anna xxx

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Chuck Audette 06 March 2006

I ran like sap in the spring to see what this poem is all about. The best part, you've left out - the steamy, lengthy, condensing to pure sweetness. Seriously, I am jones'n for some waffles now. Or maybe pancakes. - chuck

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Scarlett Treat 06 March 2006

Hot Boiling Syrup, Essemee! ! Do you see what monsters C. T. has created? ? Heaven help us both. Scarlett

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Melvina Germain 16 February 2007

Ahh thils is sooo cute Esther, I love it.---Melvina---

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Not a member No 4 17 January 2007

Love and the country life. It doesn't get much better than this Esther. x jim

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Joe Breunig 24 November 2006

A cute and delightful write that's covered in gooey sentiment; nicely done.

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Alison Cassidy 30 September 2006

Just love this one, Esther. You ooooze out of every line in all your sweet sappiness and joy. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Michael Gale 04 June 2006

Nicely written it went... With flourishing lovely thought out intent. Liked the poem-Keep it up-God bless-Michael Jeffrey Gale.

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