' The Sand Palace Poem by Tsira Gogeshvili

' The Sand Palace

Rating: 3.2

I’m soothed, I’m cheered up;
For me the sea craves.
Spread are for me its blue wings,
With my frame, I feel the waves.

The sea misses me…it wants to lick
My bare skin, like a fish.
Spread are for me its blue wings,
Clouds will fly by - what a wish!

I own a Gothic sand palace.
The pearly sun’s drifted by the waves.
Once the passion was not exotic,
The sea raged with the lack of the faith.

I’ve been approaching it for a year,
The sea’s soothed, for me it craves.
Spread are for me its blue wings,
With my frame I feel the waves.

I own a Gothic palace.
That’s my only treasure – my wealth.
Spread are for me the blue wings,
And I hear the waves’ breath.

Uloia Norris Moore 09 February 2008

Gothic in sand in spice upon the weath blue wings in stealth so you fly.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 22 February 2008

as we smooch for years by the spread of blue wings love yet dazzles as rainbow embracing the waves cohered within...............beautiful as luscious grin,10+, thanks for

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Raveendran . 28 February 2008

Waves as wings.. and the reiteration 'spread are for me...' - nicely expressed

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John Tiong Chunghoo 02 April 2008

dear tsira, i really love these lines of yours. Spread are for me the blue wings, And I hear the waves’ breath.

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David Harris 10 June 2008

Tsira, I loved this wonderfully written poem, the sea described as blue wings, gorgeous. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. David

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Sand Palace is a beautiful poem. Very good.

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Jim Hogg 18 December 2011

As I've probably said before Tsira I find your different ways of using the language and your images have a very refreshing effect, help me to see things differently.. this one particularly has that effect... x jim

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Bert Bell 04 November 2010

This is a very poignant and touching poem, Tsira. I love how you've repeated this line- Spread are for me its blue wings- This is strong visually and is the work of a thinking poet, a poet of passion. Splendid poetry.10

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Kesav Easwaran 18 May 2010

Good poem Tsira...beautifully metaphorical...i catch up with the east European breath of the waves that greets the Gothic sand palace...10

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Andrew Blakemore 28 November 2008

I love poems of the sea and yours is no exception. Great write my friend. Best wishes, Andrew

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