Sylvia Frances Chan

Jakarta, Indonesia
Sylvia Frances Chan
Jakarta, Indonesia
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At the Princess Julianaschool

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It happened in Jakarta (Indonesia)
at the Princess Juliana school, a Dutch-language school,
Marina was 8 years old and Sylvia only 7 years old.


the youngest goes to school before compulsory school age

she was tested to mention the 20 subjects
that have been spread out before her

she may only make 3 mistakes,
otherwise she wouldn't be admitted,
because she is still much too young

she made exactly 3 mistakes and was admitted,
so she became the youngest in the class!

she talked too much
she didn't pay attention

one day she was called and had to face her teacher,
another girl from the class said irritating things about Sylvia

her name was Marina,
she is Dutch, and very pale, she had alien glasses,
with freckles on her face and a bow on her hair,
she is a bit taller than Sylvia

the teacher showed Marina's arms and asked:
Sylvia, what have you done with Marina?

The teacher showed two pale arms
on which were all tiny red blood spots,
Marina pointed to Sylvia and said bravely:
Yes, Miss, she did this, half crying

Miss Hendriks called Sylvia to come and asked if she did?
To which Sylvia nodded her head.
How did that come about?

In class, Sylvia sat behind Marina.
The whole time during class, Marina kept turning
and saying nasty things to Sylvia and turning her back on her.

One day it got too much for Sylvia
during recess she waited for Marina
at the toilets and took a tight hold of her arm,
Marina was shocked had separated herself from Sylvia
and ran to the teacher as fast as she could.

Sylvia's mother hadn't cut Sylvia's nails that day,
you could imagine the red blood on Marina's pale arms.
This is a translation of the poem Op De Prinses Julianaschool by Sylvia Frances Chan
Thursday, March 11, 2021
POET'S NOTES ON THE POEM This has been told truthfully, so it really happened about the childhood of Sylvia, the poet Sylvia Frances Chan. She is shy, looks modest, but is very courageous. This is a short story, not a poem, about 2 girls aged 7 and 8, their names are Sylvia and Marina. Yes the Sylvia by Sylvia Frances Chan. Have fun reading and thank you for your comments. Kind regards from Sylvia Frances Chan, The Netherlands
Sylvia Frances Chan 13 March 2021
THE LAST LINES OF THIS VERSE As punishment they had to stay after school, sit side by side on the sidewalk in front of their class with a thick plaster on their mouth.
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Varsha M 12 March 2021
Sylvia before i send message disappear. Your poem gave me about socialization.
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Varsha M 12 March 2021
Egocentrism is slowly lost in a child. If we view this with child's eyes that's right but in 's voice it's wrong.
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Varsha M 12 March 2021
Sylvia this is a beautiful point you picked up. This is being faced by every child. As parent, they want kids to mature fast and go to school but in reality their development is different
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Deluke Muwanigwa 12 March 2021
Lovely poem. The put a stop to the bullying i guess. Get up stand, stand up for your rights.
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M Asim Nehal 12 March 2021
Memorable school life story, good to recall and write. I enjoyed it.
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