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August Moon

Rating: 3.5

August moon echos of kattiedids and
the aroma of the lake that summer not
any special aroma, but somehow that
will always be in my heart along with
the first kiss the evening had instore

Hot summer days, and summer nights
with all the myterious wonders that
lied ahead of my life each one of them
has left its impact on me till this very day

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Serenity Prayer 30 July 2008

love it. beautifully written.

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Patricia Gale 28 July 2008

Wonderful piece..... beautiful sharing.

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Con Nie 26 July 2008

Another fine poem by you. Loved reading about the combination of tom boy to young lady. Sounds like great memories for you. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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James B. Earley 22 July 2008

Is this the complete story of 'August Moon'.....or......are you perhaps a wee bit selective in what you choose to share? Whatever...... An excellent poem indeed.

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Yelena M. 27 April 2009

A very exquisite personal association with moon and summer, Bonnie. Thank you. Best wishes. A.

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Robert Sheridan 19 September 2008

Bonnie, You make the reader feel apart of your world through your prose... always so refreshing, always so exceptionally penned! Best always, Robert

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Stacey Watts 30 August 2008

Very romantic summer poem. I truly loved reading it. You are very talented and a wonderful storyteller.

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Andrew Blakemore 31 July 2008

I really enjoy your work Bonnie, this one is exceptional. Beautiful poem. Love Andrew x

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William Jackson 31 July 2008

The poem builds in intensity all the way to the end. And the end is perfect. Great read. Thanks. wj

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