Azure Sights…..2407-2k11 Poem by saadat tahir

Azure Sights…..2407-2k11

Rating: 2.2

Words that danced distant screens.
Morphed in days to tender dreams.
Whence they bloomed, barren rooms.
Verdant lines now sterile seams.
Rainbows drift to farther glades,
newer beats breathe novel shades.

Longing craves for fancy flights.
Tender dreams of azure sights.

Soulless rays that time congeals,
to wonton webs from spinning wheels.
Eager ears in shadows wait.
Wandering eyes searching sate.
Vacant eyes so search for one,
and time on ruts my cares shun.

Longing craves for fancy flights.
Tender dreams of azure sights.

(24 July,2k11/Islamabad, Pakistan)

Mihaela Pirjol 09 December 2014

Longing craves for fancy flights. Tender dreams of azure sights. These lovely verses, are the heartbeat of the poem! Beautiful!

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Yasmin Khan 17 April 2013

It is like a painting in words. The poem is nostalgic in theme. The poet longs for the rainbows that have drifted some distant glades but feels delight in seeing them with an inner eye again like Wordsworth :))

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Shahzia Batool 01 June 2012

whenever i return from the visit of your page, i see my hands full of new words.Every reading of your poems gives me new vocabulary.Another important feature of yours is the felicity n ease with which you compose's unique, it's divinely are playing a substantial role in perfecting the medium of was basically the weapon of traditional satirists; n you have manipulated it for multiple areas: satire, imagery, description etc.the way God has gifted you with special lexicon n registers, i would like you to exercise your faculties in other verse forms as well.regards! ! !

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Anita Sehgal 26 May 2012

good poem... soft!

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Wang Qian 17 August 2011

gentle poem with pieces of images in mind and some fancy desire from heart ^^ just like sunset and sunrise appearing at the same time above the horizon of the sea, weaving a cross-feeling...nice poem ~! .

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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