Be Proud.... Stand Tall! Poem by Lyn Paul

Be Proud.... Stand Tall!

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Believe in who you are
Stop looking for mistakes
Only you are searching
Making your own heart ache

We punish ourselves today
Yet tomorrow we ask why
Why we put ourselves through this
Making ourselves cry
The heartaches of today
Are all that they are
Tomorrow they are gone
And you realise just how far

How far
How long and what you have learnt upon the way
What once seemed hard
Is now as clear as day

As clear as day
As clear as light
As clear as the moon
On a heavenly night

So remember the clear
will come to us all
Just accept WHO you are....

Be proud...Stand TALL!

We can not share wisdom for it is earnt
How beautiful life is; when you see what you have learnt.

Copyright Reserved May 2014

Be Proud.... Stand Tall!
Saturday, August 17, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: believe,hope,inspiration,self-acceptance
Just look back and see what you have achieved. Be proud
Alookh (matin) 19 August 2013

the title is the poem itself...thank u very much...i feel energetic after reading this poem... i like ur works: D

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Dipy Hermonite 19 August 2013

Will inspire a lot of people. Liked it.

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Nontobeko Dlamini 20 August 2013

inspiring...sometimes its poems like this one that reminds us of the strength we have within.

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Nader Baheri 20 August 2013

the ending is so marvelous.we just look back.have we really lived our lives? felicitation.

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Hazel Durham 20 August 2013

Wonderful and inspiring write with lovely lines, I really enjoyed reading this poem!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 November 2018

Standing tall with pillars of goodness is definitely great. Best wishes and right plans allow us to grow and get success. Clear day and clear moon motivate us giving us light. An interesting poem is very well penned.10

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Captain Cur 04 September 2018

Reading this poem has made my morning brighter. A positive inspirational poem. It reads like a strong affirmation to repeat to ourselves, self-knowing, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. We all make mistakes. We are each beautiful in our own unique way. Lets share that beauty the best we can. Just forgive and move on and reach for that next higher poem.

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Chinedu Dike 15 March 2017

Beautiful portrayal of the power of positive thinking. Lovely and motivational. Thanks for sharing.

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Afrooz Jafarinoor 12 April 2015

If only every one accepted who they are, the world would be a much better place to live!

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Khairul Ahsan 01 September 2013

Kudos to all the poets who have commented here. You have only strengthened the poet's call by your words of wisdom. Thanks.

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