Beginning Of The World Poem by Hazel Durham

Beginning Of The World

Rating: 4.4

The earth is damp,
the scent of the beginning of the world.
People now cry for all the injustices
and they laugh at the hypocrisy,
festering sores.
We move together through our small world
with a gentle rhythm,
I ask you 'Where are we going'?
You reply, 'To the birth of our passion,
to the essence of a natural grace
that dances with nature's raw illusions,
we will feel no end, just the beginning.
Our moments is the magic.'
We breathe in all the damaged souls
and exhale to fill their void.
The earth reaches out to the sun and the clouds gratefully,
I mend as you drive carefully
around every unknown bend,
two heartbeats
divided but now as one...complete.

Sunday, December 15, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Mihaela Pirjol 17 December 2019

This poem of yours has a novel aroma and flow: both from emotional standpoint, as well from poetic structure: it has wisdom, a spiritual side to it, like a rebirth from its own suffering: it has Consciousness: it has serenity! The apogee of the human soul!

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Valsa George 21 December 2019

Two souls united as one move in a rhythm. There is the promise of a new beginning in every step. The journey to a new life in a world torn by divisive forces and hypocrisy brings in a ray of hope for a new order. A beautiful poem highlighting the power of love that binds two hearts together.

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Jagdish Singh Ramána 20 December 2019

A Sensitive and quite interesting poem indeed. Two, .....plete. Just beautiful.

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Lyn Paul 15 December 2019

Very beautiful and healing words. Like a prayer we all so much need. Thank you Hazel. You are a beautiful soul.

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Kostas Lagos 15 December 2019

Another well crafted poem Hazel. Cheers!

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Yiyan Han 16 October 2020

'Where are we going'? Many many people ask ourselves in the year 2020.

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Susan Williams 22 June 2020

This intriguing poem is the last one you have posted- I wonder very much why this is so. Please drop us a note, dear Hazel

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Khairul Ahsan 24 April 2020

An excellent poem where we get true reflection of 'love and life'. 'We move together through our small world with a gentle rhythm, I ask you 'Where are we going'? You reply, 'To the birth of our passion' - To me, these are the best lines of the poem. The reader truly feels that a poet is talking to him. Loved the comments of Valsa George and Mihaela Pirjol.

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Anil Kumar Panda 12 February 2020

One of the best poems i have read recently. Sometimes life seems meaningless without love, that is true and sublime. Very nicely crafted to make interesting reading.10+++

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Unwritten Soul 11 January 2020

Sweet and it has some essential questions that make us smile and may cry at the same time, but let it open the new horizon, the beginning of new world...rebirth the damaged souls to be fine as finally hearts bound and found a way to complete. I am glad you make it whole finally :)

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