Between The Lines Poem by Mary Spain

Between The Lines

I had a form to fill the other day
Which, when completed, could be said to be
An outline of my life. How carefully
I edited the story to portray
Apparent purpose, shaping facts so they
Would inter-lock and leave no hint of the
Long stretches, haunted by uncertainty,
That came between. Although I shouldn't say
So, when completed, I was qute impressed;
I seemed a person I'd be pleased to know.
Until I realised it was the rest -
The many failures that I didn't show,
The doubts and longings that I'd not confessed -
That, in the wilderness, had made me grow.

Michael Shepherd 02 August 2006

I love the wise end to this friendly sonnet!

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Joseph Daly 04 August 2006

This is a very heartfelt piece Mary. You breath life into the mundane so well.

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Abdulhakim Haliru 30 June 2007

'Between the lines' is a poem, you could create a series is a very matured poem with a compelling message of the many faces of people! !

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Marvin Brato 05 December 2007

Realistically ture, most can relate to. Thanks, A 10.

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Joanna Dziadkowiec 13 January 2008

So true. Loved your poem.

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David Beckham 01 August 2010

How gripping and moving this tale is. Needless to say, our lives mirror that tale within. Loved it

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 October 2008

A very nice poem. Love it. 10+

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Kesav Easwaran 20 July 2008

a good form you filled a most impressive way 10

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James B. Earley 06 July 2008

However its structure..........this is a magnificent composition!

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Paul Hansford 01 July 2008

The content and message of this piece leave nothing to be desired, and the language is very natural. But using 'the' as a rhyme word and the line break ('although I shouldn't say / so') rather let it down. I haven't read all your PH works yet, but do you do anything else but sonnets? Perhaps there is a case here for writing this poem in a different form.

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