Bidding Adieu To Nelson Mandela Poem by M D Dinesh Nair

Bidding Adieu To Nelson Mandela

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art a star
now eclipsed for ever
And thou hath ever illuminated
That part of a land dark and
Thou emitted thy rays
Of a non racial fight dauntless
Across the clouds of relentless
Tyranny and unrest now
Lying almost fallen dead.

And thou art Nelson Mandela.

A man to the core
And a leader for a milieu
Thou were, dear Soul.

Oh! skies and plains
Of South Africa redeemed,
Unto the heights of
Thy glory unfounded once
There raved a wind
Of times fine and thoughtful.

Oh! streets and inlets
Of South Africa revived,
Upon the hearts
Of thy divides and frost
There walked a man
Like a lightening or a fiery.

And that was Nelson Mandela.

A face that cannot fade
And an African icon of all times
He was and we know it well.

Oh! South Africa,
Weep not and grieve not
But just leave a sigh and that`s all.

Oh! South Africa,
Have him in your minds and deeds
And never throw him into
An oblivion mysterious
Like we Indians have done
With our Gandhiji
[Once your messiah too]
Who might still be there
In your hearts white
Still living and living!

Note: Even after 24 hours of Mandela`s death I have noted that none of
the popular South African poets on the P.H have written any poem on
him.I think writing a poem is perhaps not important for them and what I
have done is just an Indian practice in demonstration. But I wish if a
South African too had written a small piece...

Mandela [1918-2013] has kicked his bucket. His legacy is that he expanded
human freedom.His greatest achievement is surely the creation of a
democratic, nonracial South Africa and preventing that beautiful country
from falling into a terrible, bloody civil war. May he remain in our
memory for ever.
Guy Dimitri Jagodinski 06 December 2013

Nice. Well done. Well written.

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Aswath Raman 06 December 2013

A fantastic tribute sir! May he rest in peace!

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Geetha Jayakumar 06 December 2013

A Wonderful tribute to Nelson Mandela! May his Soul rest in peace!

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Valsa George 06 December 2013

I knew you would 'father' a poem on Nelson Mandela... you are the one who updates on current issues...! Mandela, one of the greatest souls of this generation who gave 'a habitation and a name' to millions of his black brothers is ever respected and loved by people all over the world! Yes, he can be placed on equal footing with Mahatmaji! A timely tribute to the giant leader who didn't rust inside the prison bars! May his soul rest in peace! !

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Kavya . 07 December 2013

a v nice tribute to South Africa's liberation leader Nelson Mandela......a v nice write Sir as always

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Savita Tyagi 17 December 2013

A beautiful timely tribute. You are right. We Indians sometime do not recognize the value of our own. Thanks for sharing.

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Dinesan Madathil 11 December 2013

Thank you Aswath, Dimitri, Geetha, Valsa Maa.m, Kaavya, Hazel, Asadullaji, Rubab, Queeny, Shahziaji, Noreen n dear Soul for reading the poem. If soul existed, I would prefer Mandela to be reborn on this earth to fight for another cause.. As he is laid to memory on the 15th of Dec2013, an age ends... Bye bye Mandiba...

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Unwritten Soul 10 December 2013

Bow down to respect him, for a person who struggle his voice for peace around the world, we world now voice back our love and thanks for you...sure your sacrifice is not for nothing, because of you many people find their way to be a winner in their life now, thanks again and for Dinesh, great tribute and always a great guy to make a poetic memorial of him in this page_Soul

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Noreen Carden 09 December 2013

A great and fitting tribute to a great great man who brought peace with his words

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Shahzia Batool 09 December 2013

a marked write, indeed! an elegy and a right tribute...! ! !

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