Boatman Poem by subodh pandey


Rating: 4.7

The spilled silver of moon
over a distanced lake,
in the still of night.
A boy mounted at the edge of boat
dips his foot,
tearing apart the silver and solitude,
torn sheet quivers momentarily
The widening circles of ripples.

Charles Darkly 20 January 2012

This is excellent. A ten for sure.

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Dead Rose 17 January 2012

beautifullllllllllllll, ,10****** Rose))))))

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 14 January 2012

As I say, you are a writer, a poet if you started this. Just keep on writing, the more you air out your head, it feels better. Very good thought.

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Simran Arora 09 January 2012

Hmmmm.....liked ths!

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Wabi Sabi 21 January 2012

wow! ! I think this has been the most thought-provoking poem that I have read so far since I joined this site. I am speechless but I want to talk about it! ! I just couldn't help thinking about the situation of what you wrote with this poem. Thank you...

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Kaila George 07 June 2012

Omg...this just makes you picture the single ripple that breaks the quitness of the water and the ripple effects it as you look into the broken reflection upon the water that frames your soul...that is so beautiful

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Johnathan Juarez 28 May 2012

beautiful poem man. perfect in its on way. worth mention.

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Unwritten Soul 17 February 2012

Oh this is sweet and beautiful...with romantic aroma from the silver moon! ! love this..maybe you got inspired by your birth place, sagar? ? to travel the life alone safe and beautiful the boatman! ! ! but you need a bit smile and let have some energetic spirit so you can reach the Island for rest before continue sailing..very beautiful one subodh! _Unwritten Soul

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Annabel Cruz 12 February 2012

Nice imagery...I like your first line. (in the 2nd line, did you mean to say distant moon? ....distance is a verb)

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Hans Vr 10 February 2012

beautiful, Subodh. Very well written1

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