School Poems: 70 / 500


Rating: 3.7

you go to a nice grade school
an even nicer high school

you go off to a decent university
eighteen summers add one....

you fall in love;
get wasted, baked and burned—
have all the experiences that shape you into
the person you were all along.

coming back one winter afternoon,
you're spread across your rooftip
staring out into the blank waste
—hoping you were some kinda born-poet in the first place.

Ben Paynter 27 September 2006

liked this one alot sus, ive often sat and wondered if there is such a thing, but usually i just give up and stare out at nothing, maybe there are maybe there arent, what does it really matter i guess. great work. ben

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Foster Blaine 13 September 2006

this is a solid piece if you've lived that type of life; the kind of life that only poetry could make sense of. and i disagree with brian. i think there is such thing as 'born-poet'. the piece doesn't understate the importance of life experiences- but the person you're morphed into was there all along. it takes a certain kind of person to really REALLY get this poem

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Brian Dorn 05 September 2006

Sus, I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a 'born-poet? ' Education certainly plays it's part, as well as life's experiences. Those are the ingredients, only after which each is partaken is the poet born. Great stuff! Brian

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Cecil Hickman 31 August 2006

your words within this piece shows your wisdom as well as much much talent I definitly enjoyed reading this poem from a talented poet, , , , , , , , , , Cecil

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Xxx Xxx 28 August 2006

well and i would like to end it by...and this could be true, you were a poet but what does it mean not to be headed straight? Having to endure the pain for some obtuse reasons...maybe this life is filled with 95% of waste and 5%left to die

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Abdul Karim 20 January 2009

This is quite a lovely piece.

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James Niles 09 September 2007

What's a meta-four? OKAY-testing, testing, how's that?

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Not a member No 4 03 January 2007

'experiences that shape you into the person you were all along' is brilliant in this context. Your pen was on fire here. Realisation comes slowly, and yes it is often an unfolding of what we are. We're no blank slate in the first place, so the last line may be close to the truth in some cases. Very likely in yours. But you're honing that potential very effectively and very impressively. jim

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Thomas Rickarby 13 December 2006

I don't know what to say except I like it.

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Prasanna Kumari 30 November 2006

i enjoyed this poem..with few words you bring lot of experiences and finally on the rooftop gazing into the sky wishing to be a born-poet is just beautiful...

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