Cccc My Real-Life Indian Rapunzel And Hairdo Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Cccc My Real-Life Indian Rapunzel And Hairdo

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D poem, its as long n epic as my sister's long hair ;)

My sis has long locks of hair that flow to the floor
Gosh, they get caught everywhere on hinges and door!

When tangled, her entire willowy frame gets entangled in it
and then she has to resort to her hairdressing kit.

Alas then she gets pretty confused how to do her hair
At times rendering her fed-up with all that conditioning care

Beauty needs patience to plait all that into a pigtail
Yet winking at a pöny's tail pic she ties her own ponytail.

For special occasions she would perm or curl her wavy lustrous locks
and then return it later to the straight bushy tail of a fox

From french plaits she next tried out other intricate braids
or she fixed her hair in the very latest craze

There are times when she got tired of it and thought of a haircut
Maybe it's easier to manage cropped hair, boy-cut or bob-cut.

Yet in her boudoir one day I found her in a bouffant hairdo
So many ways to do löng hair that she ends up without a clue!

Ah it tumbles down in a pitch black luxuriant cascade
Her soft tufts don't end in split ends, rough bristles or blade

And gosh her fringe cut fervours too were only a passing fad
Eh and it's quite a task to trim long hair even if just a tad

And whenever her tresses tumbled down
to touch the passive floor
Overawed folks oohed and aahed
at the length it massive bore!

Ah unlike short hair, löng hair tis hairstyle versatile
She can pull it back and twist it into a smooth knot called chignon
Plait it, braid it, comb it, pin it
or let it fly as the gentle breeze caresses her tresses
as it brushes, sweeps the lawn!

So even when struck with lassitude and bonnie lassie's done with hairdo fun
She shan't leave it to look lack-lustre, she'd roll it into a bun.

And sometimes I do catch her thanking God for her enviable tresses
for God whomsoever He wills with such rare blessings blesses!

Heather Wilkins 30 August 2013

a good write about long hair. shampooing would be a huge problem I would think. nicely presented

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Zero Empty 31 August 2013

nice you take up such an ordinary topic but present in an extraordinary way liked it

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Queeny Gona 31 August 2013

I love long hair and I hardly have a pony of my combs size. You have well expressed such a topic in an interesting way. Enjoyed the read.

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 03 September 2013

Even silly issue leads us to God the creator.Nice

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Bri Edwards 11 June 2016

i especially enjoyed fad/tad and everything else. are you jealous of 'her' hair? ? this shall go to MyPoemList. bri ) =========================== and here are my two cents: Sister’s Hair Scare … [inspired by s.zaynub Kamoonpuri’s poem “Cccc My Real-Life Indian Rapunzel And Hairdo”; humor; long hair (dis) advantages; SHORT] Sis walked down ….the country lane, dragging her long hair, with great strain. After all, it weighed …at least fifty pounds. Along came a bold eagle (low-flying) . It grabbed her hair, vainly trying … to lift her, as Sis ….made horrible sounds. But try as the huge hunting bird might, it could NOT take ….(her) hair in flight, so it went back to ….its hunting rounds. (June 11, 2016)

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 06 August 2016

No sir amnt jealous coz my own hair is only a few inches shorter than her. Enjoyed yor poem.

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Wes Vogler 02 March 2016

This was captivating. A lesson once again to write about what you see and what you know well. I hope you have shown this to your sister. No rhyming problems.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 21 October 2013

Not much observation here though. Dis is about d hair of my very own sister. Tnx n fond wishes.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 21 October 2013

Perfect observation. Keep on observing the world and around you, that is how we learn more and more about our self. because what we see in others it is in us, let it be good or bad, they are all part of us, because we are the ones who brought them into our life.

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Marieta Maglas 20 September 2013

Beautiful poem -I like last two lines

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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