Change. Poem by Ann Beard


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Our world forever changes every second every day.
Nothing halts the pass of time; old age will have its way.
each mighty cliff or ancient tree will suffer the same fate
life seems just an experiment, a transitory state.

The planet earth its fertile soil, the mysteries of heaven,
all forever changing in more ways known to man.
From the wonder of first breath to surrender of the last,
Time becomes the enemy devours all moments past.

Nothing is more fragile than the spirit of mankind,
as good and evil battle in each subconscious mind.
change is hardly noticed until friends or lover’s die,
then we weep and fear mortality while we say goodbye.

Change has made us who we are, a visitor, a guest
we dine on nature’s beauty babies suckle at the breast.
A child will learn and grow maybe someday take my place
But In very different world, for I alone lived in this space.

Roan Nov 2007

Fred Babbin 14 February 2010

Your construction is flawless, as usual. And your thought here really hits the bullseye.

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Ivor Hogg 10 May 2009

Change is inevitable and not always for the better. Akthough as our bpdies age our minds mature to compensate

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Meggie Gultiano 21 February 2009

your message is powerful..and nothing is permanent here in this world.Lovely piece, greatly penned.thanks for this wonderful sharing. Hugs, Meggie

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Nimal Dunuhinga 13 November 2007

If change makes a better World?

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