Changes Poem by Susan Williams


Rating: 5.0

changes in the warmth of the soil
from spring to summer to autumn to winter
changes in the fall of rain
from warm and pattering to cold and slashing
changes in the sunlight
from falling through the leaves to tracing patterns on our skin to fading to grey
change has been in the wind
for a long long time now
and now I see
change is in you
change is in the silence between us
if you stay, I will stay with you
if you stray, I will leave you
......even if I stay
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ © 2019 Susan Williams.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: changes,love and life
tom billsborough 23 May 2019

There is an echo of genuine sadness here. A beautiful poem which touches the heart.

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Susan Williams 29 May 2019

Tom- - -having a dickens if a time replying to comments- -appreciate your comments but must type in a hurry before I am cut off- -I agree- life is nothing but change! Thank you for kind comment

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Breeze 23 May 2019

Read recently.. In a world of so many broken hearts, May our souls share the compassion of Jesus! .. This world so needs! .. May God dear

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Rebecca Navarre 29 May 2019

Second this one too! ..

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Susan Williams 29 May 2019

Second this one three! ! ! ! !

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Rebecca Navarre 08 January 2022

If I could rate again, Definitely another 5 Stars! ..+++++

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Rebecca Navarre 08 January 2022

A powerfully moving poem that touches the heart and soul ever so! .. And is ever so beautifully expressed! ..

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Unnikrishnan E S 11 January 2021

Hi Susie, How you strike an analogy between changes happening in climatic conditions, in the weather patterns and the changes in human relations.Wonderful poem.

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Suresh Kumar EK 11 January 2021

Staying and straying.fine poetic contrast, Susan

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Susan Williams 29 September 2020

Valsa! ! ! ! I love it when you come and comment on a poem of mine and turn that intelligent mind loose on it! ! ! You make me feel good, girl

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