Her Email (To Honduras With Love Vii) Poem by Ayi Escalona

Her Email (To Honduras With Love Vii)

Rating: 4.9

Darkness creeps into the bluest skies
And alas, there are your words
The very essence and purpose
Of my day is about to begin
Line upon precious line
Like swift and sensual
Breeze on a humid day
Like beams of powerful sun
Trudging to gray clouds
When rain has ceased
Like tiny droplets of luscious water
Soothing my tongue
When thirst is my craving
Such is your effect
And ‘tis is my greatest joy
As I read your email
I can hear your heartbeat
From a thousand miles
Hear heavens open
Everytime you smile
Words pulsating through me
Like a river to the sea
Take my troubles away
Take away my grief
Take away my heartache
Like a thief of the night
Make me feel better
Makes me whole
Makes me mellow
Into my very soul
And my little hearfelt response
Ended with goodbyes
But behind those simple words
Are my ardent thoughts
Know that
To leave
Is to look forward
Of seeing you again
.....then i press SEND

Marvin Brato 12 December 2007

An electronic convergence of emotional statics sending passions connecting two hearts so inspired! Enjoyed it bro, thanks. A 10.

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Patrice James 25 December 2007

Very beautiful write thou, keep penning.

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Ewigi Liebe 27 December 2007

smile, lol, lol awesome work...

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Francis Duggan 02 January 2008

very good poem Ariel it is a very readable piece so well done

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Marieta Maglas 06 April 2010

wonderful meditative poem belonging to lyrism, thank you for sharing....

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Anju Addanki 15 July 2009

This email is wonderful poem i loved it.

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Lt Feitosa 07 April 2009

Nice lines! Lovely poem!

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Melanie Walendowsky Baker 15 January 2009

Ariel, I wonder how many of us can relate to your powerful words so wonderfully put together. And Oh, how we allow ourselves to become victims of our love's words! I loved it, and rated it a deserved 10.

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Ashley Hart 30 March 2008

Nicely done...it's so true also.

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