Circus Time Poem by Ernestine Northover

Circus Time

Rating: 5.0

The 'Big Top' is so radiant with wide stripes of red and green,
The atmosphere is 'electric' and rousingly noisy at the scene,
Elephants are trumpeting, as if they want to say 'hello',
Crowds restlessly gathering, impatient to watch the show.

A hush descends around the 'ring' in such anticipation,
What's coming first, eager faces wide eyed with fascination,
Clowns tumbling into the limelight, how the people cheer,
Their costumes are extraordinary, so colourful and queer.

With antics so adorable, we have to all applaud,
Their comedy, and all their props, we just cannot be bored,
Their faces brightly painted, with red noses and red lips,
With outsize boots, they stomp around, shouting out their quips.

The trapeze artist is introduced, a girl in a sparkling robe,
Ascends into the vast tent top, suspended on a globe,
She gives a great perfomance as the audience, Oooohh! ! and Aaarrhh! ! ,
Every time they think that, she will not quite catch the bar.

With a gallop and a canter, white horses come prancing in, who
Will trot around with their riders doing tricks, by jumping through
Hoops, and skipping with a rope on a moving horse's back,
Each horse knowing what to do, when they hear the long whip crack.

Elephants are wonderful, as they go through their routines,
They really look contented, well that is how it seems, .
These amazingly gentle creatures, one cannot but admire,
The way they do just as they're told, they really do inspire.

The ringmaster in his red waistcoat, and shiny black top hat,
Keeps the show progressing, he's so jolly, round and fat,
With his moustache that's very smart, and his merry glinting eyes,
He has everybody 'spellbound' with each new and grand surprise.

Now the show is almost over, and the arena's all but filled,
With all the acts, that have performed, each one notably billled,
To appear at this famous 'Circus' and show us their expertise,
So come again next year, with your tent, Mr Circus owner, please!

© Ernestine Northover

R H 06 June 2006

You've captured the heart and soul of the circus - colour, movement, excitement and anticipation. Lovely write Ernestine. Warmest wishes, Justine

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Brian Dorn 06 June 2006

Ernestine, a wonderful flow of imagery and rhyme... a classic write! Brian

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Andrew Blakemore 23 March 2008

Brilliant work, it brought back so many memories. Andrew x

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Wow indeed! This is superbly depicted. Wonderful piece.

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Chuck Audette 07 June 2006

Wow, is this based on a recent event? It is so vibrant! - chuck

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Mary Nagy 07 June 2006

Felt like I was right there with you Ernestine! What a gift you have! I'm proud to know you....I mean that! Sincerely, Mary

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Duncan Wyllie 06 June 2006

The action, the flow, the senses stirred, it has to be our friend and great poet ERNESTINE NORTHOVER what an amazing artist you are! Love Duncan X

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