Color And Politics Poem by Ashley Ormon

Color And Politics

Rating: 5.0

I wonder if Obama’s face was snowy white,
Would all of America lie in such a fright?
Would we all run to the polls to speak our minds?
Would this still be the greatest election in all time?

Because of Obama’s reflection of the midnight sky,
Is it going to hinder his success and why?
Even the diamonds that brightly shine,
Is uprooted in black from within the mines.

And if we had allowed the diamond’s darkened shade,
To prevent us from seeing the diamond’s royal glade,
We would never realize the beauty deep inside,
And within the black covering would the diamond hide.

Flowers and trees different yet alike,
All painted many colors to please the artist’s sight,
Tulips are purple, the trees and flowers green-
Yet that never stopped the sun from pouring upon them its beam.

People are white, yellow, black, and brown,
But we’re all generated by the same sound-
A heart that beats and continues to go on,
Despite color and race a star is born!

Reshma Ramesh 05 November 2008

beautifullllllll.....timely write indeed....well penned sir

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Melvin Banggollay 05 November 2008

You have written one of the best poems I have read depicting a humble conviction of a poet for a poet knows no race, knows no boundery, knows no kin for their soul are universal in spirit and character. a 10 for this. thanks and more power, melvin

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Indira Renganathan 07 November 2008

Though you sound proper, I feel the thought of colour difference should not have risen at all at this instance..nice write10

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Kesav Easwaran 17 November 2008

the last stanza summarises the message...diamond or from mines or not... polished out from a factory or not... it is going to be a big challenge for Obama...time only would be able to tell about shine...nicely framed lines 10

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Ron Flowers 18 November 2008

This is a well written poem and it contains much food for thought. Rgards Ron

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Eyan Desir 03 November 2009

Very nice poem totally loved it

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 02 September 2009

This is a very creative poem.Obama is incredible because he has a lot common sense. He is a very charismatic, straight-forward and truthful man.

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James B. Earley 07 February 2009

A splendid rendition...of required reading! Excellent composition.

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Vernon Eaker 07 February 2009

Even black diamonds have their price and place, and I do think the election was to much about race, my fears are from the color of skin but the politics he has joined in. it is a wonderful poem very insightful yet open and caring I was very pleased. keep writing these tens.

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Keith Hendrickson 09 January 2009

holy sh*t that was soooo good. i feel that so much. im half black and half white just like Obama. I got dark skin with green eyes and i am judged mostly on the color of my skin and not the color of my soul.2009 and the world is still filled with ignorance, stereo types, and racism. this election realy showed that black people still make a lot of white people uncomfy. but i guess they know now all dark skined people are not the same. beutiful piece girl

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