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Confession Of A Mere Immortal

Rating: 4.9

I thought today was the day I was waiting all my life,
the day that our bodies are finally getting married
because our souls are already joined...
But the day I was waiting for
came long before today.

It came when I've met you,
at that cafe we both loved
and we sat there for hours
opening our hearts to someone we knew only for a day..

It came the first time we kissed
under the tent,
in your backyard,
while we were guessing the shapes of the passing clouds..

It came the first time you said I will always love you
and you looked into my eyes to seal your promise..

For me you are the number one,
the number two, the number three,
the endless universe...

I wish I could find a million ways
to show my love to you,
I wish I could write a million pages
to express my gratitude for standing by my side
when all the world seemed to be against me,
I wish I could exchange a thousand breaths of mine
for one of yours, so that you could live forever..

Instead I'm here today,
a mere immortal,
promising to give you my angel,
every single fragment of my heart
because you had its love all along...

I love you..

Christian Eliab Ratnam 10 October 2005

Beautiful Ivy. I felt really emotional after reading this.

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Thomas Viruvelil 11 September 2005

Your express it so well.Any man will feel lifted up to heaven reading this love poem.Good work Ivy

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Seán O' Muiriosa 24 April 2005

Beautiful love poem, Ivy. He's a lucky guy whoever he is!

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Georgios Venetopoulos 23 January 2013

Excellent poem! Free verse soft and humble, pure like a white rose.

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Georgios Venetopoulos 22 January 2013

Beautiful. A poem of an Angel.

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Will Barber 15 August 2006

A love poem which excedes love poetry. Absolutely beautiful.

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Duncan Wyllie 13 February 2006


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Duncan Wyllie 13 February 2006

Is a man allowed to say it brought tears to his eyes.Love Duncan

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