Contrasting Reality Poem by Vijay Sai R

Contrasting Reality

Smell of corpse
Half burnt and undisposed
Dead and deceased
Ashes strewn all over
Dissolved in flowing water
Of river Ganges calm and collected
Bodies in flaming pyres
Ever burning in one ghat
Sacred prayers in another
Mystical aroma filling everywhere
Saints in saffron clothing
Divine chanting echoing shores
Mangal Aarti glittering like gold
This event so auspicious
Happening through all 365 evenings
A trip to Varanasi
Leave us spellbound
Turning our lives upside down

Note: Mangal Aarti is an evening puja at the banks of river Ganges. Please visit http: //

Leorne Adile 30 March 2012

there is, i seem to notice within this lovely piece A particular sadness but that only is why it is such a lovely piece

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William Jackson 26 March 2012

The dead, reverence for the dead- veneration for life among the living-worship- Quite a contrast! Well done.

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Yoseph Lupu 27 March 2012

I FELT the contrast in your rhymes, go on!

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Lalkrishna Varavoor 27 March 2012

i like the concept, well done.

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Benjamin Paa Willie 27 March 2012

Great imagination, well composed, strong emotion... Keep it up!

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Farah Ilyas 31 May 2013

A beautiful poem indeed..enjoyed while reading

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Kaila George 09 April 2013

Wow sounds amazing really it does...I find it intreging...really do

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 18 December 2012

nice poem, the words flow beautifully i invite u read mine n comment.. thankz

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John Thorkild Ellison 06 December 2012

Thank you for drawing my attantion to this fine poem which is vivid, moving and also educational! ! Good luck, John.

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isam Abdelrahman 01 December 2012

Authentic Indian scenes as seen in Indian films displayed adroitly in this nice piece of poem.congrats

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Vijay Sai R

Vijay Sai R

Trichy, South India
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