Christine P., If You Read This, I Still Remember You Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

Christine P., If You Read This, I Still Remember You

Rating: 3.7

Christine P., if you read this, i still remember you
more than i should
more than you know
you have never strayed far from my mind,
eclipsed between
my waking memory and a smoky dream
i remember you in Sixth Grade,
passing steaming notes to me
during study hall, stealing kisses from me
at recess, making out with me
behind the convent during lunch and
teaching me more about a girl’s body
than a 12-year old boy should know
i remember caressing your
budding pincushion breasts, feeling your
impatient tongue in my mouth, and tracing the curves
of your smooth hips way up
beneath your plaid Catholic skirt
i never forgot the innocence and curiosity
with which we explored each other’s
young bodies for few of my intimate
encounters since have bested those wide-eyed moments

i never forgot you, Christine P.
not with all the drugs and heartbreak did i forget!
the mother of my daughter even
resembles you; my final recollection of you -
the way you looked
before you moved away - with her
short brown hair, velveteen belly and
agile, eager hands
i remember telling you once in a letter
that i wanted to marry you
and that’s when we lost touch...
maybe i’ve ploughed thru each
of my liaisons
searching for you all along
in an attempt to reclaim that
feeling of complete gullibility and virtue
for my love life has left little more
for me to discover

you were indeed my first, Christine
while you did not surrender me your virginity,
you gave me your body to tease and your mouth to enjoy
and i wonder if your first time was as clumsy as mine
was it on your honeymoon cruise or
in the backseat of his beat-up Ford?
did you marry at all or keep your maiden name?
do you remember me as well as
i remember you?
because i wonder, too, if you will
ever find this poem,
hidden amongst the weeds of
other poems to my bygone girlfriends
whose names have scarred over
and faded with time


Jake this is so sexy and so! I lost mine in the front seat of an old brown pick up...never forgot him either.

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Mary Nagy 03 October 2005

Oh my Jake, this is truly romantic! I hope she finds it! You should just be brave and look her up. Sincerely, mary

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Kelly Allen Vinal 03 October 2005

She might not call, but this poem calls out to us all. Most wonderful, one of your very best.

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Uriah Hamilton 04 October 2005

This poem is amazing! ! The passion, the longing for innocence, the clinging to hope for real love, it is all here! !

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Poetry Hound 04 October 2005

Made me think of my 6th grade sweetie. Thanks for evoking in me (and all readers) those sweet scary powerful moments discovering enfatuation.

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Chuck Audette 31 March 2010

I digging for missed gems in the abandonned poetry mines of some of my favorite writers here... And I found a beaut. Hope you are still out there writing somewhere, Dr. A. Jacob hassler! -chuck

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 28 July 2006

oh this is such a loving, sweet poem. that would be so awsome if she found this. :) what an adorable little man you are. *heart*

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Mike Finley 03 May 2006

Beautiful, aching, bittersweet tribute...

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Max Reif 19 October 2005

Yeah, it's great, Jacob. I read it almost by chance, glad I did! Don't lose hope...I did a Google search on 'Christine Piacentino' and got about 15 hits! (Of course, a number of them were for your poem...but some weren't.) You've probably tried that, though...

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Alice Vedral Rivera 18 October 2005

Kind of makes me wish someone would remember me that way. avr

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