Jai Wadams

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Dancing In The Rain - Poem by Jai Wadams

Dark clouds become a blanket in the sky,
playing a game and one feels a drop,
they all run inside.
one runs back out to watch the drops fly.
she runs to the open meadow to see the sky cry
the drink of the earth.
now she’s fly over the tall grass,
racing the rain to the ground.
challenges the elements to a dance
they have long ago perfected.
a dance of grace and elegance and beauty
gentle and quiet and nothing big.
just the sway of trees and grass.

Now it is her turn.
she runs and flies and tumbles and jumps,
dancing in time to the beat inside her heart.
the rain is cold but her soul’s fire keeps her warm.
her’s is the dance that would humble the storm
that raged above her head.
all of it the dance of humans,
she leaps, she flies, twists and turns,
kicks out her legs, flings out her arms
to embrace the world around her.
thunder rumbles and she rolls,
lightning strikes and she twirls,
alone and small but powerful.
dancing in the rain,
crystal beads sparkling her face.

All the while a lone figure stands at the window
watching as she jumps and leaps
and twirls and swirls, wanting to go out to her.
now he is on the front porch in the rain
wanting to dance and leap and twirl her around.
she sees him, stops and waits.
they stand, one watching the other
until finally he runs to her, his arms are reaching for her,
pulling her into his clasp.
the rain drums the beats to its song.
then they are running together, bounding over the waving
field of grass, he throws her and catches her,
spinning them around.
their arms encircling each other,
holding tight, never letting go.
their moves sharp, reckless, fierce,
dancing in the rain,
thunder pounding out the melody.

The sun breaks through the clouds,
the rain lessens, the sky becomes a lighter grey.
the two young people raise their glistening faces
to catch the first rays, enjoying the moment
in each others arms.
now running back to the house,
into the foyer, wrapped in towels,
beaming at their friends,
holding tight to one another.

Outside the rain slows, stops,
the clouds move off, allowing the sun
to shine on the newly washed earth.
dance in the rain
and keep time with your heart.

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