Dark Side Of Tomorrow Poem by Joseph Anderson

Dark Side Of Tomorrow

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From our moment of creation
Till our last day on this earth,
Comes the search for things eternal;
Moving forward from our birth.

If truth be told, we all have fear,
This communal bond we share.
The rich, the poor, the weak or strong
Have this cross that we must bear.

'Tis not the fear of life, of love,
Or the trials that we shall meet.
It is the ever pressing threat
Of the fate we all must greet.

To think on death as quick release
Perhaps, would appeal to some.
What grips my heart and soul would be
The mystery yet to come.

On the dark side of tomorrow,
When the reaper takes his prey,
I hope to say O! death be quick
And I'll be on my way.

An ode on death, something none can escape
Valerie Dohren 03 March 2014

Excellent Joseph, and yes, it is something none of us can escape, and we all hope for a quick and easy demise, very well written and rhymed. Great stuff.

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 03 March 2014

Well written Joseph. The calm acceptance of things to come. But Go not gentle into that goodnight.We have poems to write, and there is always something good just around the corner.

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Dave Walker 03 March 2014

It's the one thing that makes us all the same in the end. really like this, a great poem.

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Valsa George 04 March 2014

Yes, Death is an inevitable reality! For a person in love with life, it is not always easy to welcome death... More than the fear of death, the uncertainty about what awaits at the other end is the more puzzling thing! Here Faith alone can come to our rescue... Most of the religions talk of an immortal spirit... and a heaven where blissful souls congregate..! Let us believe that a life of bliss awaits us! Death is not the companion of the aged, it is unfortunately in love with the young too...... A beautiful write, so genuine in thoughts and expression! !

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Kanav Justa 04 March 2014

, , , , , , On the dark side of tomorrow, When the reaper takes his prey, I hope to say O! death be quick And I'll be on my way., , , , i wish to die of an heart attack: P wonderful poem, , ,

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Alexander Johnson 23 December 2014

I fear death as I have no faith. It is a curse, but I don't believe in them!

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Chinedu Dike 13 September 2014

A Master Piece. I rank this poem along side OZYMANDAIS, WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS, O CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN! ...It is indeed a poem from A Master Poet. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful work of art. Keep it up.

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Excellent writing...I love it...

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Yash Shinde 11 April 2014

..death is something inevitable....a truth known to all who are born, but it is far more difficult to accept........ Yet we can die peacefully and attain eternity, if we commit our lives to the purpose of lighting other's lives....................lovely write

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John Brown 10 April 2014

Well written Joseph. It's strange, but if you think about it, every hundred years or so, the population of the earth is completely renewed. Like you say, none can escape death, and what lies beyond is indeed a mystery.

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