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Dear Broken Heart

Rating: 4.6

Dear broken heart
I’ll go through your questions
One by one,
For these things as you know,
You do not need to rush.

You ask if the Earth began to tremble
When I found true love,
Indeed there were thunders and rain
But at the end the rainbow did not come.
Instead a restless ocean drowned my poor heart
Because as I have soon found out
Love was only from my behalf.

You ask if on the night I was first kissed
Moonbeams shined above,
Well, I was kissed on a sunny afternoon
But the fireworks in my heart
Were better than stars.

You also ask if a broken heart
can ever love again
Well I think that love only approaches
when you no longer pray.
Because Fate is a mean old lady
that loves to play games.

I will not try to explain to you
All the troubles of the world,
Because I’m not wise enough
And I am already lost.

The one thing I know is never to give up,
Hope is out there even if she arrives last.
I hope that things will improve
And that your heart will mend
But also be a fighter
You should no longer bend.

I ask you to be patient,
Great things need time,
Love is at the corner
She is just having a fight.

Please keep dreaming,
As dreams are all we have,
If we are not dreamers
Then who we really are?

Signed sincerely,
Simply me
(A heart healed by time)

Ronberge . 17 June 2005

I like this one. We all express the same things but in such diversity such different combinations. Good work. Amicalement votre, Ronberge

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Amberlee Carter 06 May 2005

i freaking loved this poem...what an ending...BRILLIANT!

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Duncan Wyllie 03 February 2006

Dear Ivy this is so well written, Verse four especaily, well what can I say, this is brilliant. Love Duncan

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Indiscreet Episode 11 November 2005

Only last night I was thinking about how I feel about Fate. You've described her much nicer than I have. She is a mean old lady indeed! I loved that, and it has cheered me up. Thanks!

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Max Reif 06 October 2005

What a good idea, to write to your broken heart! It's well organized. I agree the line about fate is a memorable one (though I hope it's not literally true!) The questions and answers work well. And it's nice that you've found some hope. (I see this was written quite awhile back.)

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Velvet Thorn 23 September 2005

'Fate is a mean old lady that loves to play games'-what a terriffic image!

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Lara W.a 29 July 2005

Ivy, i cannot believe how good you are!

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