Death Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan


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what does death really mean?

I still have them in my head
with a lot of question marks

or simply with spices internally,
and laid out in the mausoleum

God has called him/her?

cardiac arrest?
heart attack?
brain dead?

one just sits in the chair in the cozy living room during the day, and just like that:

the other is waiting for her son to go shopping together,
he picks her up in his car,
she can't wait for him,
she's lying dead in her rocking chair
while waiting for him,

the other simply falls down in the office elevator
on his way to his office and is killed instantly,
the ambulance came immediately,
nothing more to do, pass!

another was on whatsapp with her son,
finished and after 30 minutes is she dead,
her neighbor would come for coffee,
she called at the door,
no reaction,
she looked through the window,
yes, madam slept well on the couch, the TV was still on,
she picks up her house key, opens the door,
no more pulse,
the neighbor calls her son,
the police and the ambulance came after that,
too late, she is dead after that whatsapp with her son, I think,

instead of drinking coffee with the neighbour,
now dead from heart stagnation,
this neighbour-visitor is of course very shocked!

Still fit 30 minutes earlier and she's alive!
After those 30 minutes, dead on her sofa,
confused, and snuggled under a blanket,
now she's just dead, her heart stops, cardiac arrest,
the heart has given up,
why? !

a lot of people and celebrities are dead in their sleep.

No one by covid-19, but just dead, old and many young too

What does death really mean?
i still have them in my head with a lot of question marks!

God has gifted me with a bunch of wisdom,
now as I am writing this short story-poem
i am still looking for that wisdom
since I still cannot understand

Why do their hearts stop beating
just like that and they are dead!

© Sylvia Frances Chan -
Dutch Poetess and Certified Evangelist
All Rights Reserved

Sunday, February 21, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: time,prayer,praise,wisdom,dead,God,death
God loves me, I know and I love God, but I am still a sinful woman as the Holy Bible says it so I pray not as oft as I wished but He knows my thoughts and my all and I repeat once again, for all the acquaintances who died all of a sudden based upon heart failure. WHY? ! They had been healthy persons, and sweet persons, but I KNOW (this wisdom I got from God) that God has his own reasons these persons died, not in our time, but in God's Time. Because they are all my aquaintances I ask God WHY dear Lord, sure in His Time I will know why, i have also got the wisdom from Him. Thank you dear Lord, my God and my Saviour. I have not noted the true old people who had become very weak and old, they could not move easily anymore, I do understand that. Also for one acquaintance still too young to die, he was gardening his garden while his wife had gone to the marketplace to purchase things, when she came home she found him dead in the garden, just on the barren garden ground, a driving instructor passed along by chance and he was shocked, he called the police and then when the wife came, so many people surrounding him, till now she is still very very sad, her name is IRENE, means PEACE in Dutch, but I must tell you as an evangelist that with much praying to God, we will find peace at heart and we can understand the reason WHY? God will give us the answer for all our questions, but one thing we must not forget: keep contact with God. I also know very well why my beloved Mum passed away because God knows: my Mum resided in Indonesia and I am with my family in the Netherlands and God knows that I wish to pay every day a visit to my beloved Mum after her recovery, so God called her instantly to come home to Him, I have spent so many weeks with her after my arrival In Jakarta to visit her after my dear bro called me about our Mum waiting for me while she was still in the hospital 30 days she was waiting there and she died when I already was there for a couple of weeks. I am thinking of my best friend whose mother died within a week after her youngest sister called her, her mother also resided in Indonesia and she in the Netherlands, but only ONE WEEK and then her mum was dead, her mum died! ! My Mum kept calling me and while I had a very lot to do, I prayed constantly to God: please let my beloved Mum live till I am there at her place, I am sure if you pray He hears your prayer and He heard mine, at that time, I was constantly praying that God must help me and let my beloved Mum live till I am at her place.This is my witness for that time that God fave me a greatest Wonder (again) in my life. Thank you for reading and understanding me, God Bless You all my dear poet friends, best wishes from Sylvia Frances Chan in The Netherlands AD.21-02-21
Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 February 2021

This poem resonates with me. And I am in the same boat with the great Poetess. A very perceptive poem.Full of thoughts to ponder about.

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Deluke Muwanigwa 21 February 2021

Death is the continuum of life. As we are born by chromosomes splicing so shall those chromosome be dismantled to achieve a cyclic balance. Good poem.

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SY Wong... 28 February 2021

The next day my brother called at noon and said 'mum is gone'.i was for me i would say 'death' is not worth inquiring thanks.God bless be happy take care sorry for not concentrating when i write tq.

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SY Wong... 28 February 2021

Dear Sister Sylvia,

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Kostas Lagos 22 February 2021

Death is better be avoided so we can ask questions about it. Great poem Sylvia!

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David Wood 22 February 2021

I tried to send a long message but this stupid Poemhunter deleted it instead of sending it. I'll message you instead.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 February 2021

Life and death are unfathomable. A beautiful poem so wonderfully.written. To my Poem List.

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Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

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