Dedicated To Liz. Poem by JOSE MURGUIA

Dedicated To Liz.

Rating: 4.9

i thank god for every second that we can share,
for its moments like this that im happy you are there,
you are everything that i asked for in my prayer,
its like god send me an angel when nobody cared,
you showed me love and took away the pain,
you brought back the sun and since there hasnt been any rain,
you are the reason why everyday i smile,
how can i thank you for blessing me with a child,
and even though ive made mistakes in the past,
theres nothing i want more than to make this love last,
you have grown to be part of my life,
and i pray to god that someday you will walk with me as my wife,
i have dreams of starting a family of our own,
i can see it so clear living inside our happy home,
because i never seen a sky so blue,
until the day i told you how much i loved you.

Copyright ©2009 Jose Murguia

dedicated to my wife: elizabeth garcia 3/28/03 i love you!

Mark R Slaughter 29 January 2009

A heartfelt gesture Jose, wife wife must be proud and flattered Mark

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Myrtle Thomas 31 January 2009

A very heart felt write your lady is a lucky girl.I liked the flow of your words.

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Eric Adams 02 February 2009

i think its beautful but as carl said its not mail. try coming up with a beat when writing a poem it helps me.

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Eldon M Thomas 03 February 2009

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I pray that you write her beautiful poems like this for the rest of your lives. I pray that she inspires you to write eternally.

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Catrina Heart 04 February 2009

Wow! ! ! such a heartwarming composition here...written so beautiful and romantic...i felt sincere thoughts too...10/10

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Kym Toohey 16 October 2009

Nice poem buddy yet this line seems outta place...'i have dreams of starting a family of our own' since you have already thanked Liz for blessing you with a child. So I'd rework it to flow in a timeline. Sweet poem... she's a lucky girl to have the heart of a poet by her side.

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April Levins 13 October 2009

Express the essence of a love that only grows with the actions you show! ! !

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This piece is full of intense emotion, each word expressing how deep is your love for Liz. Lovely creation for someone who really meant for you. Gracias! best regards, jdh

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Sally Plumb Plumb 13 October 2009

Lucky woman, lucky man.Great!

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Erin Ford 11 September 2009

poems about love are always heartfelt, but you put a little of your soul when you write.and i wish you and your wife many years of joy.

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