Time (Part 1) . Poem by JOSE MURGUIA

Time (Part 1) .

Rating: 4.3

time turns the weather from hot and cold,
time makes us grow old,
time is a split decision,
time is what we have alot in prison,
time is something you cant buy,
time keeps going even after you die,
time is money and money is time,
time is what you get when you commit a crime,
time is something you cant break,
time is something you learn from a mistake,
time doesnt grant you wishes,
time is based on decisions,
time is something you remember from the past,
time is something that goes by so fast,
time gives u another try,
time makes you laugh and cry,
time makes you happy and sad,
time is something you want more but never had,
time has no end,
time can make you a better man,
time makes you choose wrong from right,
time turns day to night,
time makes you forgive but not forget,
time is something you could regret,
time makes you go under pressure,
time is something you will always treasure,
time is never enough,
time is easy but also rough,
time can make you rich or poor,
time is something we all want more.

Copyright ©2009 Jose Murguia

Mamor Adi P 09 January 2009

Well done, my friend. Time, enemy and friend. We can't get more or try to lend, anyway, good work then.

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(: God's Wild Child :) 13 January 2009

wow great idea for a poem, i love it.

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John Fieldson 14 January 2009

Time is the great equalizer in life. When we run out of it, we're all dead. You really covered all the bases, very creative. I enjoy reading your poems

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Miguel Chicas 15 January 2009

nice i enjoy this one you used opposite and rhyming nice: D

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Karen Palero 16 January 2009

time... timing... that's what i always miss..lol! nice!

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Emi C.x 19 April 2012

I thought this really flowed, I loved it!

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HyDr0 sH0ck 01 January 2010

You think that you would be able to spell A LOT. You wouldn't say 'alittle' would you? Well you just might you say 'alot'. Very good job it's only three letters. The word 'A' and then a space, then 'LOT'. If your going to write a poem, why don't we use real words? Your poem would of made more sense if time even existed.

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no name - 09 April 2009

Very nicely written.

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Gargi Saha 22 January 2009

A nice poem on Time........

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Linda Winchell 17 January 2009

I guess you've got more time to do these poems on time? Good one! Linda

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