Crystal Meth. Poem by JOSE MURGUIA

Crystal Meth.

Rating: 4.8

hi crystal how you been?
it's me your ex from way back then,
i remember how you made me feel,
do you remember how i almost got killed,
there where times you made me rob and steal,
i would stay up and look for you all night,
there where times i would argue and fight,
sometimes i wouldn't get a wink of sleep,
just waiting for you to come and creep,
you made me imagine things that weren't there,
i thought you loved me but in reality you didn't care,
when i almost overdosed you weren't there,
i got real skiny and pail and people just stared,
my mouth was dry and i couldn't eat,
there where times when i just thought you brought me to defeat,
we should have broken up years ago,
but for some reason i just couldn't let go,
you took away everything to a point
where there was almost nothing left,
but i'll never forget your first or last name crystal meth....

Copyright ©2009 Jose Murguia

Gina Layog 09 March 2009

I like your poetry, for its simplicity and honesty, People could relate to this, the addiction, the rush, Hope you're done with all this mess, You have your life and poetry, this you are blessed! ! ! !

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Rhiley Anne Vincent 13 October 2009

Well written. The extended metaphor makes it easier to relate to.

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Antonio Liao 25 January 2009

Wow! broken but not tearing apart...wounded but that dying....your one of the best poet...i read...very reflective poem....Very good...God bless my friend

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Raymichelle Springer 25 January 2009

interesting piece.. question...what made you write this particular piece?

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Isaac 'slimx' 25 January 2009

This is a story well told.....Its very inspiring and heartbreaking...wonderfully and amazingly written....thans for sharing.

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Addict 12 February 2019

Thank you for your words of truth

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The Lost.. 14 October 2009

you made me imagine things that weren't there, i thought you loved me but in reality you didn't care, actually when u love someone you feel that he also loves u then u realise that he hates u :) nice poem.

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Aube Joshua 14 October 2009

I donot know if there is a man or a woman who breathes and has not once in life been 'defeated' in love. But if there is one, s/he has not known a whole dimension of life. For, pain, as it can cripple, can also open unknown galleries of experience and sensitivity. Sometimes, one cannot rate a poem, because one cannot have an objective view of it. I can just say thanks very much for sharing.

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Lynn Glover 13 October 2009

Well Jose, I like the rhythem and the subject. I hope you are sincere in staying away from this stuff. I only have heard about these drugs, but never did any so I don't know how hard it is to stop. I just pray that you have defeated this monster. Good message for anyone who would dare to think about doing. I reallly like the way you composed the poem, a very good write. Your friend Lynn.

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James Mclain 13 October 2009

I have never done it but i have heard of people that have it is a bad disease like all the rest.. and there is hope but it has to start in the heart of the one that needs it...iip

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