~ Delight Unalloyed ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Delight Unalloyed ~

Rating: 4.4

Ms. Nivedita
26 July 26,2010

Come alive
In Pure Delight
O’ You.

Dive deep into
Ocean of ambrosia.

Watch Oh
The Light
Emerging from
The setting sky
Of bosom
Oh You.


Adapted from RNT [for detail info please read Bliss ~ niv]

Copyright reserved by the author

Vinod Kumar 02 August 2010

Nice Crystal clear and transparent cascade, thanks for sharing,10+

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Carol Gall 03 August 2010

poem is pure delight

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Romeo Della Valle 03 August 2010

The greatest delight of reading your poems is honesty! Niv, you have proven yourself beyond your own boundaries, to me and the rest of the world! God Bless You! Keep it up! 10+++ Love and Peace...

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 05 August 2010

Your poem gives me such pleasure with 'Oh You' i e that which my delight derives. Niv, this poem rings piercingly true as it showcases your amazing talent. Love you dear. Hope youre having a good summer...it'shot in New York. I was away a couple weeks

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Omar Ibrahim 06 August 2010

O you don't stop impressing us! ....very nice indeed i feel delight while reading your poems..... thanks for sharing

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Photode Photode 23 May 2012

Aha...excellent..bejesus swayed by wordings..Watch Oh....splendid Poet has nicely adapted from RNT... She is maturing in RNT I suppose Though I know it is very difficult to adapt RNT nevertheless her effort is commendable Thanks sharing...Tenner

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Annabel Cruz 10 March 2012

Much better! This I like...your alliteration here works because you have tied it into your imagery. good one.

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Sierra Bouvier 12 March 2011

Oh my gosh this is really good! ! ! (:

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Luz Hanaii 25 February 2011

I'm no expert but I know when something is good. Loved it!

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Subbaraman N V 18 January 2011

As usual good with a message!

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