Different Girl Poem by Steven Pimentel

Different Girl

Rating: 5.0

Listen Girl

i love that i met you
& i love that your brand new
yea i mean different from other girls
you take me to another world..

God bless
whoever made you..

you said
you like me
& i want to you know
i feel the same too..

your heart is the place
i want to be at
can i drive thru?

but let me mind you
i love you so much
ill be with you
even if you had the swine flu..

dem i want yOu!

Louis Rams 15 July 2009

love is in the mind and soul, and it is something that should be told. you can give your heart to a young lady, just don't get stupid and create a baby. another good write.

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Subroto Chatterjee 16 July 2009

A 'different girl' at eighteen. Same girl when you're 19? 20? Watch this space...Ah, fickle mind! ! But all the best. Stay steadfast and true. Cheers. Subroto

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 16 July 2009

yeah even when u have swine flu I will always say I do But AIDS is a different thing And I will return your wedding ring.............a good write............

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Pandian Angelina 16 July 2009

Great you found your gal If she is different too Through your eyes Of this new age She must be God' gift to you. Let the love you now behold Remain ever true And never change Till life is through! Angel

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Michael Gale 18 July 2009

Nicely executed poem of a loving tribute, to the girl, you like, or rather, love. Great imagery configured stanzas. A few typo's here or there. Still, all in all, an excellent poem, or ode. God bless the ones in love-MJG.

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C S 14 May 2012

Ten out of ten for this one: -) Sweet and light hearted

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Christopher Flynn 05 August 2009

A different girl From a different world So pure and true Made just for you To be with her There is nothing you won't do Love the poem a fresh look at love.

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

: D...........you can be with her but you have to put a piece of cloth on your mouth and your noze.........: D: D...i liked the last expression......good poem keep writing!

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Anthony Han 19 July 2009

Lol nice poem dint expect that swine flu twist at the end: p

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Shashendra Amalshan 19 July 2009

yeah this coool! ! ! indeeed.... this one i really liked.. you are good.. and i m sure you willl develop your poetic enigma in time! ! ! nice with love shan

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