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Dream As If You'Ll Live Forever.. Live As If You'Ll Die Today

Rating: 4.9
</>Once in a glowing night I was lying beneath the stars,
The moon was illuminating in the sky
I found my self in a world where there are no any liars,
in a world where there is no how or why
Then I found my self flying away leaving my fears,
the clouds were glowing like a beautiful butterfly
the sky rained in a scene as if it rains Dollars,
I scared of that strange world, , how and why?

The rain stopped to show an amazing scene,
the shining sun embraces the beautiful rainbow
It was the best scene I have ever seen,
it was like a huge rain casted in a calm river then flow.

suddenly in the middle of noway I heared a horrible voice,
it was my little brother crying
like if u were in a wonderful place then u found a mice,
thats really makes u feel dying

These are the dreams, , hard to understand it, , impossible to believe it
but when u see it, , when u feel it, , u feel that u've the ability to fly
For u, U see things that are impossible to happen; and u say, 'Why? '
But for me, , I dream things that never were, , , and I say, 'Why not?
Abdallah Gamal
Saturday, July 30, 2011
Nalaysia Vizcarrondo =) 24 November 2011
I can relate to it, I enjoyed reading it thanks for inviting me to read it
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Bella Hernandez 18 November 2011
AMAZING! cant personally relate to it but still completely amazing and breath taking poem ~Bella
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Cole Heideman 14 November 2011
comprehensible* my bad
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Cole Heideman 14 November 2011
not bad, as someone below me said there are some issues with your use of the language, but it was overall comprehendible, and pretty good.
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Lenore Lee 10 November 2011
'I dream things that never were and say why not? ' Cute, but you stole that quote. I quite enjoyed this poem on a whole though.
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Zainab Zaheen 14 August 2011
very well written.. keep up the good work..
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Raeanne Furfaro 12 August 2011
Very Nice. I like the dreaming of it since it seems almost ethereal in it's simplicity, but the imagery it invokes is powerful. I really do like this one a lot. Very good job. You have a poets soul young man and thank you for thinking of me to share it with. If you know how to add people as friends, I'd like to be yours, I don; t know how and I'd like this to go to my favorites and not many make that folder for sure, but no clue how to do that either, so keeping emails until someone tells me how to do these things. Apologies on taking solong ot get back to you, had no idea I had an inbox. LOL
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Swarnendu Biswas 11 August 2011
beautiful my friend, u`v touched my heart, what an imagery you have created, can not be expressed by words.the water imagery (it was like a huge rain casted in a calm river then flow) , your poems teach the people how to live in the concrete world.i want more from you.10+++++--
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Nancy ilamwenya 06 August 2011
Hi abdallah, u wrote me some time ago, sorry took long 2 reply..i appreciate ur imagination, ur themes r well portrayed, use of imagery also.abit of an issue with language use, ensure grammatical errors don't impede comprehension.
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Kara Aleid 06 August 2011
this is really nice and its so creative....
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