Dripping Poem by Deborah Cromer


Rating: 5.0

Doom, despair, exhaustion and terrible dread
Calling me, pulling me, wanting me dead
I cannot go on, I cannot take this any longer
Only do I grow weaker always, never stronger
No help, no lending hands, hearts or prayers
Nothing but emptiness, coldness, nobody cares
My smile is charming, bright, and so full of life
Hiding thoughts of pills, guns, and the deadly knife
I want to go, so often I feel it is time
Time to leave my dark reality and finish the rhyme

Stephen Stirk 08 June 2009

The poem is a sad description of what could be depressesion. I think it is an imaginative write. So often, this can be hidden behind a smile. 'My smile is charming, bright, and so full of life' Enjoyed the read Best Steve

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Danny H 17 August 2009

:) Beautiful remedy always talking it out through a poem..

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Justin Unanue 24 July 2009

There was a dark humor to this story, and I enjoyed it.

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Nikunj Sharma 21 July 2009

Forget everything Just remember the time The hour, the minute and the moment's rhyme The chords that u strike The music that u play Is enough to make the world sway...

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Eyan Desir 30 June 2009

Thoughtful and intelligently written 10s

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Suicidal Magic 24 June 2009

'hiding thoughts of pills, guns, and the deadly knife' wow... its like u can read my mind i can so see myself in ur poetry! and wow ur poems r AMAZING! ! ! !

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Deborah Cromer

Deborah Cromer

Portland, Oregon
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