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Rating: 4.9

As I walk through the dark and eerie dungeon
I smell the musky air
The rotting corpse lays upon the warped wooden bench
As I open the creaking door the rusted hinge screaks
I see the well oiled chains laying so proudly upon the worn down dirt in the far gloom I hear echoing screams
I walk slowly over to examine the rotting corspe and discover a damaged necklace as I took it in the distance I hear a shooting
I suddenly hit the cold bricks, and screamed in shock


ou scared me, just a bit. this means it is doing hat it was written for.. nice.

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Daniel Williams 20 April 2007

Great poem! Very good imagery!

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loNeLY AnGel 19 May 2010

wow amazing poem.. very well written :)

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Eyan Desir 24 January 2010

I liked how the words came to light...10s

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Ryan Thompson 11 January 2010

that was cool i liked the whole oily chains part males the room have a feel literally to it and it help bring it to life.. lets see here. describing the bench was a good idea cuz it lets me know that this place is very old and this body has been here for a while and the bench was there even longer gives the title a bit of a connection u used in the distance twice so i gave u a nine out of ten put a new word like in the far gloom or something and it will be a ten

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Patrick McFarland 25 July 2009

Very imaginative. Nice work. 10

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Jessica Caswell 17 May 2009

im kinda freaked, its a very good poem

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