Earth, Wind & Fire Poem by Jeremy Horsford

Earth, Wind & Fire

Rating: 3.4

I remember times of love for past loves.
Great loves, passing loves, all loves ending in pain.
Pain, my pain, their pain, friends' pain and families pain.
Too much pain for each individual to bare.

I remember a sinking feeling, the ground beneath me giving way.
My struggles only hastened the decent.
Onlookers, but no assistance.
Too many spectators, too many opinions, too many thoughts, too
much hope and too much pain.

I remember being swept off my feet.
Falling head over heels.
Soaring through the mountains.
Soaring through the skies.
My head firmly in the clouds.
With the belief anything is possible.

I remember the heat of their breath, the passion in their kiss, my
heartbeat in the morning.
The feeling of Summer all year round.
The burning feeling towards the end.
The flames closing in on our world and the search for new land.

Sunday, January 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
Rick Adriolo 10 May 2015

A well written poem! I really enjoyed reading it and even believe it can be some sort of inspiration..

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Carol Nichols 07 February 2017

This is really good. I like the comparisons of love being something so natural and so powerful.10+

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Dimitrios Galanis 07 December 2015

Successfully depicted sentiments.

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Bunny Monster716 21 October 2015

Gives me a sort of nostalgic feeling. I love how I'm able to feel hopeful and hopeless at the same time when reading this. Its a universal depiction of love at its best and it's worst times. An amazing read thank you.

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Adrienne Crawford 11 October 2015

I remember too. Good thoughts and memories.

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Pamela Sinicrope 07 September 2015

I like this one. Interesting imagery contrasting the sky and the ground. The 2nd and third stanza were very strong.

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Jeremy Horsford

Jeremy Horsford

London (United Kingdom)
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