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Enjoy Being Alive

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So there is half a moon tonight
And there is no hint of clouds
And falling stars can be seen
And I can lie on the grass
Surrounded by scented candles,
Trying to hear Nature’s voice
Or catch a last glimpse of my day.
I can keep my watch inside
And let the endless sky watch me.
I can close my television
And let some horrific news wait for a day.
I can hide my phone under the pillows
And hide my face in my cat’s fur.
Tonight she could have all of my attention.
I can ignore the neighbours’ shouts
And the noise of motorcycles and cars
And I can pray to be ignored by the world
Just for tonight.
But I will stay again in my bed,
Wondering why I’m not outside
And making again the decision that
at the next perfect night
I’ll enjoy the fact that I’m alive.

And life goes on
And true pleasures stay behind.

As always

Will Barber 10 May 2006

This is so true, so lovely - thank you for the experience.

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Uriah Hamilton 01 May 2006

You paint a perfect picture of innocence and joy. You will always be a magical special person, but try to understand just how magical you are at this lovely hour of your youth! ! All the best! Uriah ps. I super dig cats! !

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Duncan Wyllie 11 February 2006

Dear Ivy, I think that you also are one of lifes treasures.What a Gem! Love Duncan

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Vanessa Brown 04 November 2005

aww what a gorgeous poem! i feel like that sometimes, that all the good stuff in life is the stuff that goes the fastest. its sad, but true. on the bright side, if we had good stuff all the time we wouldn't appreciate it half as much! nice work though mate :)

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Seán O' Muiriosa 16 September 2005

This is a wonderful poem Ivy. It really struck a cord with me. I love the ending: And life goes on And true pleasures stay behind. As always

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