Envy Poem by Adelaide Anne Procter


Rating: 3.7

He was the first always: Fortune
Shone bright in his face.
I fought for years; with no effort
He conquered the place:
We ran; my feet were all beeding,
But he won the race.

Spite of his many successes,
Men loved him the same;
My one pale ray of good fortune
Met scoffing and blame.
When we erred, they gave him pity,
But me -- only shame.

My home was still in the shadow,
His lay in the sun:
I longed in vain: what he asked for
It straightway was done.
Once I staked all my heart's treasure,
We played -- and he won.

Yes, and just now I have seen him,
Cold, smiling, and blest,
Laid in his coffin. God help me!
While he is at rest,
I am cursed still to live: -- even
Death loved him the best.

* Sunprincess * 02 June 2014

...........truly this is a great write....and envy is the perfect title...enjoyed..

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Seema Jayaraman 12 November 2015

Envy.. can be so debilitating.. but being human one cant help compare especially some one next to you gets all the advantages that destiny can shower and you are left comparing all through your life.. thanks for sharing.

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M Asim Nehal 12 November 2015

Oh this was so wonderfully written poem with satire in it....We all Envy in human form.........100++

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Neran Sati 12 November 2015

So nicely penned a common obstacle.. one of those that prompted me to scratch How To Stay Happy? : -)

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Kim Barney 12 November 2015

Very nice poem except for the typo on line five: my feet were all beeding I'm sure that should be my feet were all BLEEDING.

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Adeline Foster 12 November 2015

Now, that was cute. Surprise sending. Trymine _ If Only _ Adeline

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Susan Williams 12 November 2015

I can only hope this was not autobiographical - what a waste her short life would have been. Absolutely top-notch comments below on this poem

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Leloudia Migdali 12 November 2015

Envy! Seeing it everywhere around! What a pity for people! Great poem!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 12 November 2015

Envy is one of the six vices God had embedded in human, His off spring, to keep his feet on ground and to make him realize that he can not compete with his Creator, in spite of intellect given by Him to human. Very nicely elaborated. Thanks for sharing.10+++

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