*** Eternally *** Poem by ANJALI SINHA

*** Eternally ***

Rating: 4.4

When thy flying horse swings
Towards the city,
The drummers many
And songs on lips of children and old
Fill the air.
O thank the stars
Their guiding light
The rays of the sun
Upon the bridge of gold
Thy royal hand

When thou seest dreams
Like flames upon the altar shine,
And hear the lullaby of nature
Then thy shield will be the
Suspended red harvest moon,
Under the canopy
Of open blue skies

I have found
the images of love,
my tears fell
with the dews of morn
and dried
when dark didst trance the sky

In sleep
I walked forlon
Till the cold winds ushered
The sun lit morn
The verse once started
With colours
From the rainbow
Swept my pages
Like dancing waves from the sea

What have I done?
My knightly prince
My heart of gold
Burns in deserts and wild
Love was the sign I followed
To that tavern,
Where the cups filled with wine,
The tears of my nectar of love,
Fill up
Brim to brim

Nay, do not say,
Thy horse with wings
Will swing
There for the last time
Bless me
with arms outstretched
with banners in benediction
brighter than the
brightest silks of Peshawar.

In verse and songs
Sweep me in thy arms
Sculpt me as thou will
Colour me with thy brush
Slow and slow
Slow the love
The love that shall remain
Yes ever



Ajith Patnaik 02 February 2009

ur poems pretty much give me an impression of sarojini naidu's poems. hats off to u sis

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 02 February 2009

Cut it short ' im eternally yours '. Sweet love poem.

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Chitra - 02 February 2009

A lovely write 10+ for this beuatifully penned compostion

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Miriam Maia Padua 04 February 2009

so lovely...sweet words dancing in this piece.. superb choice of words...so poetic... amazing imagery...with a touch of sweet fantasy....... i will love this very expressive piece...***eternally*** 10+++++

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In verse and songs Sweep me in thy arms Sculpt me as thou will Colour me with thy brush Slow and slow Slow the love The love that shall remain Forever. My friend this did me in. lovely

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Ken E Hall 12 November 2009

Wonderful love words melting into a beautiful poem luvli to read with the flying horse-Pegasus and ending eternally -your feelings I live +++++10+ regards

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premji premji 10 May 2009

eternally yours (sign) poetry...........

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Allemagne Roßmann 13 April 2009

Celebrate the miracle Of all that makes you YOU. Count a blessing for each candle-lit nite of love Have your cake and eat it too! With the red passion of the royal rays The Rays of the Sun Waiting for its dazzling day Unwrap this day and savor it And all the love that's there Send a dream-wish straight to Heaven on the wings of prayer Remember what a blessing you are Even after this day is gone. Mon ray shines in thou troubles at bay A scimitar more coruscating to conquer Peshawar You're a ray's gem, a priceless ray's treasure Let yourself shine on and on In each ray of love In each ray of hope flying high as the dove. Tactfully chosen medieval english and very classical way of representing thoughts.Ten fingers for a cheers.

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Meggie Gultiano 17 March 2009

another lovely write..wow, this is a pleasure to read..Like it

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Brett Ackerman 01 March 2009

Hmm, dramatic and indulgent romantic themes are the first thoughts that come to mind here. There's an ordered effect to it with special effects of especially vivid, elusive, and appealing sentimental emphasis. In any case, heartfelt poetry like this always seems to give off a theatrical idenity to it that stirs a mélange of emotions.

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