Family Is Not Always Blood Poem by Jaishree Nair

Family Is Not Always Blood

Rating: 4.7

An institution in the name of a great saint,
Affiliated to the central board of secondary education,
The origin of many professional geniuses;
Scattered all over the world.

A family of many hundreds;
Bonded and soldered,
Under the scrutiny gracious-
Of the principal honoured

A man with tight hold on the reins;
Never a compromise on his system precious;
Verbal intelligence his weapon;
Diplomatic in strategies clever.

Quick witted with humor spontaneous-
A smile contagious to cement the bluntness;
The social builders look up to him;
For solutions to knotty problems.

The teachers burdened immense-
Shoulders bent with responsibilities;
Respect they are entitled to-
For a job holy and sacred.

Not a murmur not a grumble;
Silent in their endeavour;
These builders of geniuses;
From generation to generation.

Smouldering volcano at times;
Cool as glaciers other times;
Frustrated when work loaded-
Calm when job unloaded.

Bickering and snickering;
Grieviences untold;
Joys and sorrows;
Shared in this joint family
In the remoteness!

Single- minded in a common purpose;
Staunch in duties assigned;
Blessed this job entrusted;
Upon these builders of Society!

Dignified and graceful in their stride;
Honour and value in their pride;
A fusion of talents polished-
Motivated to accomplish a mission holy......! !

Madathil Rajendran Nair 04 April 2015

A well-written glorious tribute to the teaching fraternity. Good poem.

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Valsa George 06 April 2015

Teaching is a sacred and holy mission and teachers are the sculptors of geniuses and polished human beings! Your's is an apt tribute to the teachers who work in tandem for the good name and well being of a sacred institution headed by a man of principles who never makes any compromise on quality! As a teacher, I enjoyed your poem much!

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Allotey Abossey 10 June 2015

The title alone is enough. God bless you

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Josey Alfred 10 May 2015

Teaching is blessed profession in which one is able to shower true light to their pupils, it is not the colour or the blood of the teacher, but his wisdom, his devotion, and the eagerness to satisfy his inner urge to impart his best to those who seek it from him. Thank for sharing your thoughts.

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Akhtar Jawad 16 April 2015

Where ever there is a network of social relationships, there is a family, an educational family is one of the best examples of a family where members are not necessarily the blood relatives. A beautiful poem.

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Dr John Celes 14 April 2015

sacrifices galore to continue a mission noble and divine

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 April 2015

Very nicely and aptly envisioned and presented. A best and beautiful poem towards tribute to teachers. Many thanks.

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