Farmer 12 The Farmers Who Sacrificed To Save Us Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Farmer 12 The Farmers Who Sacrificed To Save Us

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For centuries, farmers have fed us, but,
Not for a moment, we think about them!
The secret of our fine, fit, robust living?
How food is readily made available to us!

For ages, farmers have sweated for us,
Furrowing and ploughing the land, but,
Not for a moment, do we think,
Who takes the effort to grow food for us?

For years on end, we eat nutritious food,
Fabulous vegetables, full of vitamins,
Not for a moment, do we reflect,
Who is responsible for these healthy veggies?

For days on end, we drink fruit juices,
Sweet fruit syrups, jams, - full of minerals,
Not for a moment, do we reflect,
Who is providing us beneficial minerals?

While we eat our daily food in our comfortable homes,
Do we remember the plight of farmers in the open fields?
Their hands always active, sowing seeds, harvesting crops,
Their feet moving in blazing sun and muddy pools!

When we sit to dine in posh restaurants and hotels,
To enjoy sumptuous meals of high standard and expense,
Do we ever remember the farmers, so poor and worn out,
Or think that they too, deserve a full meal?

For centuries, the poor farmers have not complained,
They have toiled, suffered, borne it all without a grumble!
They have now stepped out of the fields into the roads,
To protest, to fight for justice and equal fundamental rights!

As we move along the twenty first century,
With high technology and electronic advancement,
Let us also progress towards peace and humane values,
Let us remember the farmers who sacrificed, to save us!

Farmer 12
  The Farmers Who Sacrificed To Save Us
Saturday, January 30, 2021
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LeeAnn Azzopardi 31 January 2021

All farmers are important They feed Cities to the small villages Bravo!

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Kostas Lagos 31 January 2021

Farmers should be remembered more often. Well written poem

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Lamar Cole 31 January 2021

Great thought provoking poem about the farmers.

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Varsha M 30 January 2021

Yes we should remember our farmers who serve us all the time. They chose farming do we sre having food. Good reminder ma'am. Thank-you.

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Aarzoo Mehek 30 January 2021

Heart wrenching poem. May god solve all the problems and may they get their share of respect n recognition. Very nice poem.

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