Forgiven Poem by Deborah Cromer


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I listened again and heard a call
Crying out from down by the waterfall
The cry was loud and I looked around
Trying to discover the place of the sound

It came from the woods, I tried to see
Where exactly at or what it could be
Taking the path down the mountain
The trail took me to a fountain

The water raced up in every direction
I knew this was God's wondrous perfection
The droplets of water fell into a pool
I stopped to drink, it was sweet and cool

Silence was broke with another loud call
I knew I must go on and should not stall
Leaving my tracks by the fountain's edge
Ending up at what looked like Earth's ledge

Way down below, a small moving sight
Covered with fur and worried with fright
What a terrible, tragic fall it must have known
Poor little animal who was very alone

I yelled down help was coming, so be still
I know I must save you, it is God's will
I returned again with all I would need
To begin my mission of this dangerous deed

I made it down and stayed until the end
Of the unfair death of my wild, little friend
To me it all seemed so very wrong
For him to be stuck on the ledge for so long

I wanted to be mad at God for letting him die
I screamed up into the air, how could you and why
What was the reason he was left to suffer in pain
Throughout the whole time, with the snow and the rain

How long had he been there, I wanted to know
Why did he have to die a little a day, so slow
What had been his crime, was he really so bad
For days and weeks I stayed very sad

Now, I only think of it once in awhile
And now when I think back to it I smile
Knowing at least he did not die alone and scared
I saw it in his eyes, he knew I cared

I spent his last moments with him, by his side
But only after he passed on is when I cried
While he was still alive, I told him not to fear
I looked softly in his eyes and shed no tear

He seemed relieved that someone was there
The whole time I felt his life was not fair
That he should live and go on to be free
Not trapped and dying, it was no way to be

I read him pages out of the book I had brought
And just for a second, I even thought
He understood my words and his pain was gone
Death overtook him, but his memory lives on

My poor little friend, who had gone through hell
While he starved and suffered after he fell
He had peace though in his final hour
Only this was done with God's loving power

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: compassion
Nikunj Sharma 23 August 2009

What a poem, about a little friend, Who couldn't speak but saw it all in the end. The love in the wilderness A saviour reaching him in distress. Dangling from hope's rope Reaching to him down the slope If only there could more breaths registered in his name, He could have gone to play the game Life and laughter and carelessly he would roam Sacred hills and jungle his home But that very day, god was sad too He needed a friend too Innocent, small and cute Speaking through the eyes Otherwise mute No jungle for him and now no bumpy road Your friend passed on To his heavenly abode

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Sandra Martyres 23 August 2009

A beautiful touching story poem Deborah, with perfect rhymes... Just lovely 10

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Daniel Kempson 23 August 2009

Deborah the world needs people that care and share in its existance and with this poem you have proven you do 10 Daniel

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Olaitan Olaniran 24 August 2009

This is great! I fancy your style of writing.

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Meggie Gultiano 28 August 2009

a very emotional and a touching write.I feel it to the bones. I love most these lines below My poor little friend, who had gone through hell While he starved and suffered after he fell He had peace though in his final hour Only this was done with God's loving power

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I'm not clear on what the injured critter was in your poem but for future reference contact any veterinarian in your area to get the phone number of people who are trained to take care of injured and orphaned wildlife.Very touching poem and it breaks my heart to see all the animals that get hit every day and night by vehicles when all drivers have to do is share the space with these critters after all we can travel faster in our vehicles than the wildlife can but a vehicle doesn't die from a dent in the fender but wildlife is crippled and consequently gone instantly... Your poem is very poignant and sadly thought provoking...a ten for well structured verse...

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Nakita Ball 27 August 2009

oh my gosh. your words were so moving i really enjoyed reading this peom.

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John Knight 25 August 2009

Not FOURTEEN lines as in a SONNET but FOURTEEN QUADRIANS - 56 lines of lovely rhyming COUPLETS. This is a poem with structure, form, full rhyme, wonderful subject and full of pathos and emotion - this is what all poetry should be like. It tells a story and takes time to build up the scenario and the compassion. The first three verses set the scene - a cry of distress. The next three (4 - 6) - identifiy a small fallen furry animal in distress! The next three (7 - 9) - You stay with him until he dies. Many would have ended with the line., , 'For days and weeks I stayed very sad' Why did you treat us to another five very poignant verses? I feel there are five reasons: 1. Beacuseyou wanted to share the importance of being there when an animal (or a person?) acctually dies - it is a special ministry in the UK. Many make use of the Hospice Movement - Death with Dignity. 'He seemd relieved that someone was there! ' - AWESOME 2. You also amplify the cathartic effect on you for being there. More poeple woud be death bed companions and bereavement councillors if they knew the mutual benefit. 3. This poem is a parable about bereavement and not only the importance of BEING THERE but also of comforting the dying. 4. Words of comfort - for an animal? Why not - they are also part of God's creation. When charles Dickens was dying he said 'Bring me the book'. 'What book they asked' Dickens replied 'There is only one book that could be of any use to me now - THE BIBLE! ' 'I read him pages out of the book I had brought' 5. The importance of bringing our God into every situation! My poor little friend who had gone through hell While he starved and suffered after he fell He had peace though in his final hour This was only (inversion) achieved (done) with God's loving power. People have to face up to bereavement but the importance is to 'Have peace in our final hour'. Is this possible without faith - hope and love? Your poem would teach us otherwise! A very thought provoking poem - EXCELLENT.

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Omar Ibrahim 25 August 2009

fantastic! ! ! ! ! the rhyming is fantastic.....your words are wonderful.....every thing in this poem says that you'r very talented and you have to thank God that he gave you this talent which is very rare.....

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